August 14, 2015

Mushroom Baby-corn Muffin

You must have read in my earlier post that preparing lunchbox for my 8 year old girl has become a nightmare for me. The reason, what ever or how much tasty dishes I share in her lunch box it will be surely coming back home only half eaten. I started spending sleepless nights - 6 hrs +2 hours stay away from home with such a little food consumption, must be badly affecting the lil one's health. So  in the evenings I started making myself occupied by giving trials with different snack idea. If the lil one approves then 'BINGO'.. Next day that will go in her tiffin box. The other day I made these little savoury muffins that did tickle my princess's taste bud and to my surprise the next day I found her tiffin box empty. Not only she but her friends loved it so much and now I have to send few extra so that my princess and her friends can have a snack party everyday. So here is recipe of Mushroom Baby-corn Muffin:
{Yeilds - 3-4 muffin (medium size)}
Egg - 2
Flour - 1 tbspn
Mushroom & Baby Corn - 1/2 cup chopped
Onion- 1/2 of one small chopped
Cream Cheese - 1 tbspn (Optional - See Notes)
Pizza Cheese - 1 tbspn (See Notes)
Nutmeg powder- a pinch (See Notes)
Tobasco/ Chili Sauce - 3 to 4 drops or as per taste.
Salt, Sugar & Black Pepper Powder - As per taste
Butter - 1 tspn
1. Whisk two eggs and flour, add a pinch of salt and keep aside.
2. Heat a pan . Add butter, let it melt down then add garlic. Saute for a minute.
3. Add chopped onion. Fry them for a couple of minutes.
4. Add the Mushroom and Baby corn. Fry for 2 minutes more. 
5. Add salt, pepper, sugar and cream cheese.
6. Cook then in a low flame until the cream cheese gets melted and well mixed.
7. Sprinkle the nutmeg powder, mix well.
8. Cool the mixture for a while then add it with the egg mixture. Add the Pizza cheese and Tobasco/ chili sauce too.
9. Now take 3- 4 muffin cups. Pour the mixture evenly in each cup.
10. Bake for 15 to 20 minutes at 180 degree C.
11. Serve warm with some dips/ sauce.
1. One can mix other vegetables too.
2.  One can add chicken/ bacon or sausages to make it more tasty.
3. To make Nutmeg Powder just take the nutmeg and grate it in a fine grater.
4. I had Britannia Cream cheese at home so used it here. But if it one doesn't have any just increase the cheese portion.
5. Instead of Pizza cheese,  Amul cheese cube can also be used.

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