July 16, 2014

Stuffed Omelette

"What you have Chhotu?" 
Sandy was thoroughly drenched. There was no point of taking any shelter anymore. But he was starving for a cup of tea or coffee to warm up his tired limbs and naturally something to eat. He was on his way back home and hitching for last 20 minutes for a taxi. And moreover the sudden rain had ruined his entire romantic mood that was weaving the future he wanted to spend with Sai. 
"Namaste Dada!!! What you want?" The boy popped up from this dark shadowy roadside snack bar. Sandy was waiting outside and a bit in hesitant whether to enter or not. But the jocund welcome tone of the boy made him comfortable to reserve a corner sit for him.
"First serve me a hot tea and something to eat." Sandy replied.
"Ok. Then try our Egg Noodles.." Cackled the boy.
Sandy just wanted something to eat and the words -Egg Noddles, made his stomach rumbled with a jiggle. He nodded his head and ordered to bring it quickly. He chose a corner table next to the door. So that the dripping water drops from his body could flow down through the door, brushing the wet steps and then get mingled in the water logged street. Ah, this is his city of joy, where a 10 minutes heavy rain turns a dry road into a creek. He could see the two way traffic moving in slow space splashing the water which is curling down again to kiss the stagnant water. 
"Ah, Sai where are you!!!" Sandy felt a bolted emotion suddenly choked his throat. He was missing her so much. If she was here she would be jumping like a little girl and sharing her single precious excitement while enjoying the incessant rain and the music of the droplets paring with the splashing water. She loves rain......Sandy took out his phone and clicked a picture and sent Sai through whatsapp. A sad smiley blinked up right away and then:
"Missing me?"
"Love you.."
"Love you too.."
"Dada your tea and Egg Noodles.." Chhotu disrupted the song of the love birds and served the ordered dish.
"What is this?, I ordered for Egg Noodles." Sandy with a surprised face asked the boy.
The boy jovially replied, "Are Dada this is the special Egg Noodles. Once you eat, you will ask for more." The boy vanished inside in no time. 
Sandy took a look around the room. It was quite full. All were busy in chatting or engaged with their phones. Munching, sipping and gulping. Sandy's face reflected a kind of disappointment. Though he was an egg lover, right now he was not in a mood to have an Omlette. He was craving more for the Egg Noodles. His mind was slowly getting heated up. He clicked a picture of the dish and sent it to Sai:
"At which angle will you call it Egg Noodles??"
"What!! Are you kidding?? This is an Omlette... hahaha "
"I ordered for the famous Egg Noodles of this place and this is what I was served."
Sandy was very hungry and whatever was served in front of him had started to lure him. He cut a piece and forked it to make a way to his mouth. Oh, my what was this peeping out!!! Noodles!!!! Therefore the Omlette was looking so fatty than the usual one. A smile twinkled in his face. He took a bigger piece along with the noodles and then he closed his eyes. A sheer joy of happiness shivered down through his veins. He had never tasted such a tasty dish before in his life. 
"Sai, it is Egg Noodles!!!! And it is delicious. I will surely bring you here to taste it."
"I mean it is Egg Noodles or rather I should say Stuffed Omlette with noodles."
"Hahahahaha.....So lesson learnt don't make assumption by name. Taste it and then decide... ;) :P"
Sandy finished his plate in no time. And the hot tea helped him to regain back his energy again to start his struggle to reach home through his water logged pathway.
"Chhotu, the Egg Noodles was awesome."
"I told you..It is the famous dish here.." The happy boy bid good bye to Sandy holding a tip of ten rupees in his hand.

You need some stuffing. Her I have taken Vegetable Noodles (The normal way we make at home)
For each roll we need 2 eggs
Grated Cheese (as per requirement)
Tomato Sauce
Salt to taste
Black pepper powder
Oil/butter for frying
1. Beat two eggs nicely. Ad Salt and Black pepper powder as per taste.
2. Take a non-stick pan. Heat Oil/Butter and then pour the Egg. Make sure to spread it evenly in a round big circle. 
3. In a low flame let it cook till the surface looks done. Now take small portion of the stuffing (Here I added homemade noodles) and line vertically. Leave a little space on the top and the bottom. Top some grated cheese on it. In skilled hand roll the omlette and wrap the noodles. Let it be done for another couple of minutes. And then serve with some ketchup or salad.

1. You can make many variations of it. Different kinds of stuffing can me made, like fried rice, stir fried vegetables, stir fried sausages, dry minced chicken or some stir fried boneless chicken  etc.
2. If you want to avoid the egg yolk then just make it with egg whites. It comes out pretty well. I often make it for my parents and in-laws as they are prone to cholesterol. 
 Nutritional Value:
For the kids it is very healthy and they like it when you serve it with the variations mentioned above. Along with the egg one can get the supplemented proteins, vitamins along through the vegetables too.


nivedita n said...

Hi K,
Such a nice story :)!
Liked the flow and could visualise it as well.

The dish looks yummy too!
Thanks for sharing.


Ramya Venkateswaran said...

delicious colorful omlette