July 11, 2014

Crispy Sweet Corn

Feeling so good to be back in blogging again. I was on vacation for more than a month, then all of a sudden my laptop conked off. To replace the mother board it took more than 3 weeks. Ah, I know its a long time. But still happy be a part of this Smart Phone realm that at least, it didn't make me totally deprived from the social networking channel. I didn't think that I would be able to participate this time to the ongoing event: "Gaming Night Bites" that KFB has announced. Yea the event is created to keep the spirit of the FIFA World Cup 2014 final and to munch and crunch instead of biting your nails. So I thought of making something very easy but tasty that can be fully enjoyed to boost up the gaming spirit. Its healthy so you can pass on some energy to your favourite team too..:P 
This Crispy Sweet Corn dish  I was actually created after getting thoroughly  inspired by one of my favourite restaurants- Bar-b-Que Nation in Kolkata. We the food lovers and the Cooking Kings/Queens, whenever we visit a food joint the first thing we do, we take the first bite and then start to postmortem the succulent flavour by dissecting the ingredients in it. Yes of course if it hits the palate and wins the heart. And moreover if your lil one gives a thumbs up of any dish, you become more into it to storm your brain how the dish gets cooked. One will see your lips and tongue are moving in nano seconds. The tip of your tongue is hitting the  palate and with full concentration noting down the ingredients. You may have already cooked the dish in your mind's kitchen and your impatient soul will keep on tapping by making you a bit crazy when you will go back home and hit the dish in your kitchen. Now apart from all the mouthwatering Kababs and main courses this Crispy Sweet Corn gets serve as a veg starter in Bar-b-Que Nation. My lil one wants go back again and again to Bar-b-Que Nation only to have this dish. So Mamma thought let us try in our kitchen. And here it is. (Never thought it will be so easy to make.. ;) ) So here is the recipe. Do try it and let me know..Yes I will be waiting for feedback.....
Pls Note: This time I am note going to give any measurement. You have to make it with your own measurement.
Sweet Corn Kernels
Besan/Gram Flour
Salt & Sugar to taste
To spice up a bit you can sprinkle after it gets done:
Chat Masala
Black Salt
Lemon Juice
Red Chilly Powder
It will look like this
before frying..
1. Wash the corn kernels and put it on a strainer so that the excess water should drained out.
2. Put them in bowl and add salt and sugar as per taste. Mix them nicely and keep them aside for a while .
3. Add Besan/Gram Flour 1 spoon at time and keep on folding nicely. Make sure each corn kernel should get nicely coated with the Besan/Gram Flour.
4. Take a Kadai/Deep dense Pan and heat sufficient oil so that you can deep fry the kernels. Make sure the oil is hot enough and then keep on frying the kernels in a bunch till they turn brown.
5. Take them out and pour them on a plate that is covered with a kitchen towel/tissue paper so that the oil should get absorbed. 
6. Now enjoy plain or sprinkling some spices after your mind.

1. You can spices when you are adding the salt and sugar too.
2. Beware while frying the kernels. They are tend to splutter.
3. Using Arrowroot will make it more crispy. 

It is off to the ongoing event Game Night Bites by Kolkata Food Bloggers..

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