April 24, 2014

Sneak Peek to the Breakfast Menu at The Corner Courtyard, Kolkata

Gone are those days when people love to dip their fingers in a oily potato curry and indulge the pleasure of morning breakfast with Luchi/ Puri/Radhaballavi/Kachuri. Though at the same time I must admit how much health conscious we have become the real pleasure still lures sometime to indulge in this sinful breakfast delicacies. Breakfast offerings in Kolkata are changing the scenario quite fast. Now we have quite a lot Food joints who are serving pretty attractive breakfast options and what is making it more whetting is the full concentration on the "Healthy Offering". One such new Restaurant "The Corner Courtyard" which is already got the fame for its Boutique Hotel with the amazing interior and the delectable world cuisine with the unique table presentation at offer. On a Sunday Morning with my Fellow Blogger Amrita we reached to sample the breakfast menu at The Corner Courtyard. Chef Chanchal greeted us warmly and made us sit comfortably. The first thing came to our notice was the Hotel Brochure that had been compiled in a new way where now all the information about the Menu on offering and the Hotel detail could be found in one place. That made us pretty impressed till the time dishes are coming on table one can easily apply the time by browsing the brochure. 
Breakfast Menu has been designed in a very attractive way. They have made Four Segments:
1.Choice of Broken Egg Shells:
Mexican Omelet served with Baked beans and salsa
Dishes on Offer: This section offers the healthy non veg options in a continental style. One can indulge in some scrambled egg with smoked chicken or Norwegian Pink Salmon or Sautéed vegetable along with mashed potato and baked beans. Few versions of Omllet are on offering too. Like the Fluffy and spongy Mexican Omllet or a Omllet with shredded cheddar cheese or just a simple Omlett along with some stir fried vegetable and Baked Beans. Or one can have the simple boiled egg or fried eggs with some hash browns or sautéed spinach & Mushroom.
2. Vegetable Mélange:
Stir fried assorted veggies, served with Baked beans, cheese toast and mashed potato
This section offers the vegetable offerings. The Continental Veg offering are pretty less. While talking about this with Chef Chanchal he informed that since they have started new with the Breakfast menu, gradually they had plans to start adding more after the customers choices. But what are there on the list are quite luring and totally sumptuous. Stir Fired assorted Veggies, served with baked beans, cheese toast and mashed potato simple made my heart dance in joy. The veggies where stirred with the minimum and merest ingredients that left a sheer joy of tasting something very healthy. And the in house baked bean was perfect in taste with the all balanced supplements adequately adjusted.
3. Sinful Delights:
Flipped Parfait (Assorted fruit bed topped with Muesli & yogurt, glazed with honey) , Muesli & Honey crushed Banana with seasonal fresh fruit mash warm Chocolate & Fruit wrapped pancakes...
Though the above mentioned dishes are quite common in the Breakfast offerings in the Restaurants which have the continental options in their menu, the colourful, nutritious and healthy twist in Breakfast with Muesli and Fresh fruits that is also in some elegant dining place was something new for me. If you are a health conscious freak, devotedly rule you healthy diet, this will be the right place to indulge in the pleasure of early morning nutritious calorie free food experience. You can have Muesli (Mind that not the soggy one but fresh and crunchy) with fresh fruits, hung curd and honey in the attire of Flip Parfait, or you can have Banana rolled in a nutty Muesli and mashed fruits combined again with muesli. The best part of it is no added sugar or artificial flavour. All you will have with the limited seasonings to enhance the taste and to retain with the delight to enjoy the healthy version of it. Even a simple pancake roll stuffed with assorted fruits and with a very significant usage of chocolate syrup can made you taste bud to opt for the next bite. 
Sinful Oreo Choco Pancake Stack
The most interesting dish from this section is the Sinful Chocó Oreo Pancake Stack. Nobody can think that one can indulge in a healthy and nutritious Sinful Sinless dessert in the early morning treat. Yes though they have named it Sinful but here the term is allegorical here. An energy pack dessert where you will have the flavour and oozing of chocolate from the pancakes but when you will have a bite you will have the feel that you are having fresh crunchy fruits along with a piece of pancake and the flavour of Chocolate and Oreo. The very stingy amount of chocolate did make it exotic but at the same time healthy too.
4. Sandwiches & Breads:
Home fresh in-house breads are on offer too and with a good variety, and Sandwiches, though the Sandwich options are also pretty less.
Norwegian smoked pink salmon topped with cream cheese and basil leaf, a special dish offer straight from the Chef's kitchen. And no need to say we were overwhelmed by the taste, how it was presented and also the sweet gesture of Chef Chanchal. 
A dish makes you hungrier if it is well presented in front of you. Whenever I dine in The Corner Courtyard I love the way each dish gets presented and the usages of the fresh ingredients. While talking with Chef Chanchal he said he personally took care to choose each ingredient so that it should be fresh and how to present a dish to the customer. Every day the F&B team gets a special training from the Chef himself so that each customer can be given a proper vision of a single dish in the menu and top of it how to have a particular dish. For example I was served Flip Parfait and l took a spoonful bite. The first impression came in my mind that it was not my kind of a dish, its sour in taste and something was missing in it. When I was going for a second serving only to get a second opinion for the peace of my mind, Chef Chanchal made me stop and said this dish should be taste in a different way to get the exact taste of it. One had to dig at the bottom of the plate and scoop out all the layers till the top and then to take a bite. So following the instruction we did that. For few seconds I was just out of any reaction. I found the taste just out of the world. I had bite of fresh fruit, the muesli, the hung curd all in a delectably sumptuous way. Every tasting session is nothing but a learning session for me. Every time I come here and I return back home by enriching myself with the plethora of knowledge. I love the way the TCC team deals their customer and opens the door to a different world of Food where one can only take the pleasure of enjoy a dish if it is tasted in the proper way.
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      92B, Sarat Bose Road, Kolkata
      Breakfast Timing: 8.00 to 10.30am (Only weekend right now)
      Pocket Pinch (For two): 600-700/- (For Breakfast)

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