April 22, 2014

Golmorich Chicken/ Black Pepper Chicken

"Ma when we are going??" 
Almost 1 month was left for our (Sister and Me) first Mountain Exploration, but we made our Mom almost mad by asking this same question after every single minute. Yes we were pretty excited and the entire fancy story related to the mountain region had already started to haunt us like anything and made us impulsive to get on board and reach there in no time. A travel plan was made to visit the paradise of Indian "Kashmir". I think I was then 9 or 10 yrs old and my sister 5/6. Day and night both of us kept ourselves busy in discussing what we would do there, how we wwould play with the snow, how much fun it would be, which doll/toy to take with us and then ending up in a fight. That was a time of sheer innocence when we were fully depended on our parents totally ignorant of the fact that practically what kind of preparation actually one had to take during a trip. We were happy with our imaginative world which made us to travel Kashmir for more than 100 times before we practically reached the city. Our parents would sometimes get angry with all our repetitive nagging questions or sometimes patiently answer our each question. I can vaguely visualise those days we were sitting on the both sides of our parents and with wide eyes listening our travel plans, about the Paradise of India, about the beauty of the mountains, the Dal Lake, the house boats, Shikara so on so forth. 
Our stay in Srinagar was not pleasant though due the bad weather and flood flowing at that time. But we enjoyed our trip wholeheartedly in some different way. We used to travel by boats from the main road to our hotel and then from the pavement till the hotel doorstep we have to walk over big tree trunks. All over the place where covered with mushy green water and if one didn't know the fact that this was water you were definitely going to get a chilled bath in this cold ice cold water. And yes it had happen with me two times...:D
On our way back home our train crossed Lucknow where my maternal uncle used to stay. So we met him in the station for few minutes and he handed over us loads of foods and gifts. We happily started our journey again. Among the food we had our dinner packed nicely too. And what we had!!!! Roti and GOLMORICH CHICKEN/BLACK PEPPER CHICKEN. The taste what I can remember was nice but too hot. And whole night my sister and I suffered from indigestion. But my parents enjoy the dish that we could guess how they smacked their lips and fingers and till date keep on talking about the dish. One day I gathered all the memorable flashbacks and decided to give a try to the Golmorich Chicken/ Black Pepper Chicken once again. Called my Tata (I call my maternal uncle with this name) and asked him to tell his secret Golmorich Chicken/ Black Pepper Chicken recipe. He laughed aloud and said he had totally forgotten about the recipe but still he gave me some titbits so that I can at least get a hunch how to cook it. So here I am with the dish. I have lessened the hotness of the pepper so that my lil one digest it and enjoy it. But if you love to have your chicken with full of peppery hotness then just go ahead enjoy the freedom of adding how much black pepper you want to add (To much usage of it may make the dish bitter). So here is the recipe:
Chicken (with bone): 300-400gms
Yogurt: 2 tbspn
Red Chili Powder: 1/2 tspn
Onion - 1 large
Ginger + Garlic Paste: 1tspn
Whole Black Pepper: 5-6
Black Pepper powder: 1 tspn (More or less)
Salt & Sugar as per taste
Oil: 2 tbspn
Ghee: few drops
1. Marinate the Chicken with Yogurt, Salt and red chili powder preferably over night.
2. Paste the onion along with ginger and garlic.
3. Heat the oil. Add the Whole Black Pepper in the hot oil and the add the onion paste.
4. Cook till it turns red.
5. Add the Chicken and cook in a low flame till the chicken gets cook.
6. Increase the flame and then add the Black pepper powder and cook till the dish take a dry texture.
7. Add ghee and then enjoy it with rice or roti.

You can add Potato if you want.

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Rimli said...

Hi Kamalika, I had this Golmorich Murgi (not regular pepper chicken at all) at Oh Calcutta long back. Since then I've tried too many recipes to get it right at home though never got the exact same taste. Your recipe seems so close to it. And loved the story behind it; went into the flashback too :)