April 30, 2014

Chatpata Nimbu Pani (Spicy Lemon Juice)

 Today I am going to draw a short line and writing a very small post. Last few months were quite hectic for me. We got semi-shifted to our new nest in Rajarhaat. Semi-shifted, yes I used the term as we are only visiting here during my daughter's holidays. Till now it is quite difficult for us to commute to her school from here. Therefore staying here means a complete leisure busy time for me. I had to do all the household work here, though have a maid who comes and makes the house neat and clean by swiping and wiping it. I had to cook the four meals, didn't get a single time to sit with my second love, my lappy. Had to give my sole hours to the lil one who would never leave her mamma for a single second as for her this was the vacation time where we would only play and play and play. I also cherish this time where I can take a complete break from my personal professional work. And completely enjoy a homemaker's duty and a mom's duty (Ah, which I do always but at the same time I proudly enjoy the free spirit of a working lady too on the other days). Here we have just arranged the minimum requirements that make a life happy and perfect. A Washing Machine, a Micro-oven, a refrigerator and a mattress and we three are madly happy to enjoy the holidays here without all those extra gadgets that now a day have taken the pleasure of simple living. We enjoy in the pool, we run on the green and live a life totally unaware of the humdrum of the polluted, populated city life. I don't know how long this place will be so peaceful but at least few years can be a boon to have some time escaped from the city life. Ooopps.. I said that it would be a small post and see how much I pulled so far… Ok now let us cheers to the glasses of the Chatpata Nimbu Pani (Spicy Lemon Juice) to make life little bit cooler in this unbearable summer season. My daughter is very fond of Lemon juice. So every day she wants a glass of lemon juice to beat the heat. So this time I made a little variation to give it nice tasty twist. And no need to say she enjoyed it till the bottom and demanded for a next glass. Happy me here sharing the recipe.
Chatpata Nimbu Pani (Spicy Lemon Juice)
 (Measurement given for 1  tall normal drinking Glass)
Lemon Juice: Out of 2 medium size Lemon
Chat Masala -  1/2 tspn (I used MDH)
Sugar - 2 & 1/2 tspn (More or less)
Salt/ Black Salt- 1/4 tspn
Mint Leaves - 2-3 sprigs
Chilled Water: 1 tall normal drinking Glass
  1. Squeeze the lemon juice out of the lemons. Add sugar and rest it for few minutes till the sugar granules get dissolved.
  2. Add all the other ingredients except the mint leaves. Stir nicely. Taste if more sugar or salt is needed.
  3. Crushed the mint leaves in-between  your palms  and add in the juice.  Add some ice (Optional) and serve to soothe your quenched throat in this unbearable summer season.

Sending this to the ongoing event of the Kolkata Food Bloggers:

April 24, 2014

Sneak Peek to the Breakfast Menu at The Corner Courtyard, Kolkata

Gone are those days when people love to dip their fingers in a oily potato curry and indulge the pleasure of morning breakfast with Luchi/ Puri/Radhaballavi/Kachuri. Though at the same time I must admit how much health conscious we have become the real pleasure still lures sometime to indulge in this sinful breakfast delicacies. Breakfast offerings in Kolkata are changing the scenario quite fast. Now we have quite a lot Food joints who are serving pretty attractive breakfast options and what is making it more whetting is the full concentration on the "Healthy Offering". One such new Restaurant "The Corner Courtyard" which is already got the fame for its Boutique Hotel with the amazing interior and the delectable world cuisine with the unique table presentation at offer. On a Sunday Morning with my Fellow Blogger Amrita we reached to sample the breakfast menu at The Corner Courtyard. Chef Chanchal greeted us warmly and made us sit comfortably. The first thing came to our notice was the Hotel Brochure that had been compiled in a new way where now all the information about the Menu on offering and the Hotel detail could be found in one place. That made us pretty impressed till the time dishes are coming on table one can easily apply the time by browsing the brochure. 
Breakfast Menu has been designed in a very attractive way. They have made Four Segments:
1.Choice of Broken Egg Shells:
Mexican Omelet served with Baked beans and salsa
Dishes on Offer: This section offers the healthy non veg options in a continental style. One can indulge in some scrambled egg with smoked chicken or Norwegian Pink Salmon or Sautéed vegetable along with mashed potato and baked beans. Few versions of Omllet are on offering too. Like the Fluffy and spongy Mexican Omllet or a Omllet with shredded cheddar cheese or just a simple Omlett along with some stir fried vegetable and Baked Beans. Or one can have the simple boiled egg or fried eggs with some hash browns or sautéed spinach & Mushroom.
2. Vegetable Mélange:
Stir fried assorted veggies, served with Baked beans, cheese toast and mashed potato
This section offers the vegetable offerings. The Continental Veg offering are pretty less. While talking about this with Chef Chanchal he informed that since they have started new with the Breakfast menu, gradually they had plans to start adding more after the customers choices. But what are there on the list are quite luring and totally sumptuous. Stir Fired assorted Veggies, served with baked beans, cheese toast and mashed potato simple made my heart dance in joy. The veggies where stirred with the minimum and merest ingredients that left a sheer joy of tasting something very healthy. And the in house baked bean was perfect in taste with the all balanced supplements adequately adjusted.
3. Sinful Delights:
Flipped Parfait (Assorted fruit bed topped with Muesli & yogurt, glazed with honey) , Muesli & Honey crushed Banana with seasonal fresh fruit mash warm Chocolate & Fruit wrapped pancakes...
Though the above mentioned dishes are quite common in the Breakfast offerings in the Restaurants which have the continental options in their menu, the colourful, nutritious and healthy twist in Breakfast with Muesli and Fresh fruits that is also in some elegant dining place was something new for me. If you are a health conscious freak, devotedly rule you healthy diet, this will be the right place to indulge in the pleasure of early morning nutritious calorie free food experience. You can have Muesli (Mind that not the soggy one but fresh and crunchy) with fresh fruits, hung curd and honey in the attire of Flip Parfait, or you can have Banana rolled in a nutty Muesli and mashed fruits combined again with muesli. The best part of it is no added sugar or artificial flavour. All you will have with the limited seasonings to enhance the taste and to retain with the delight to enjoy the healthy version of it. Even a simple pancake roll stuffed with assorted fruits and with a very significant usage of chocolate syrup can made you taste bud to opt for the next bite. 
Sinful Oreo Choco Pancake Stack
The most interesting dish from this section is the Sinful Chocó Oreo Pancake Stack. Nobody can think that one can indulge in a healthy and nutritious Sinful Sinless dessert in the early morning treat. Yes though they have named it Sinful but here the term is allegorical here. An energy pack dessert where you will have the flavour and oozing of chocolate from the pancakes but when you will have a bite you will have the feel that you are having fresh crunchy fruits along with a piece of pancake and the flavour of Chocolate and Oreo. The very stingy amount of chocolate did make it exotic but at the same time healthy too.
4. Sandwiches & Breads:
Home fresh in-house breads are on offer too and with a good variety, and Sandwiches, though the Sandwich options are also pretty less.
Norwegian smoked pink salmon topped with cream cheese and basil leaf, a special dish offer straight from the Chef's kitchen. And no need to say we were overwhelmed by the taste, how it was presented and also the sweet gesture of Chef Chanchal. 
A dish makes you hungrier if it is well presented in front of you. Whenever I dine in The Corner Courtyard I love the way each dish gets presented and the usages of the fresh ingredients. While talking with Chef Chanchal he said he personally took care to choose each ingredient so that it should be fresh and how to present a dish to the customer. Every day the F&B team gets a special training from the Chef himself so that each customer can be given a proper vision of a single dish in the menu and top of it how to have a particular dish. For example I was served Flip Parfait and l took a spoonful bite. The first impression came in my mind that it was not my kind of a dish, its sour in taste and something was missing in it. When I was going for a second serving only to get a second opinion for the peace of my mind, Chef Chanchal made me stop and said this dish should be taste in a different way to get the exact taste of it. One had to dig at the bottom of the plate and scoop out all the layers till the top and then to take a bite. So following the instruction we did that. For few seconds I was just out of any reaction. I found the taste just out of the world. I had bite of fresh fruit, the muesli, the hung curd all in a delectably sumptuous way. Every tasting session is nothing but a learning session for me. Every time I come here and I return back home by enriching myself with the plethora of knowledge. I love the way the TCC team deals their customer and opens the door to a different world of Food where one can only take the pleasure of enjoy a dish if it is tasted in the proper way.
You can read my another experience with the TCC HERE...

      92B, Sarat Bose Road, Kolkata
      Breakfast Timing: 8.00 to 10.30am (Only weekend right now)
      Pocket Pinch (For two): 600-700/- (For Breakfast)

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April 22, 2014

Golmorich Chicken/ Black Pepper Chicken

"Ma when we are going??" 
Almost 1 month was left for our (Sister and Me) first Mountain Exploration, but we made our Mom almost mad by asking this same question after every single minute. Yes we were pretty excited and the entire fancy story related to the mountain region had already started to haunt us like anything and made us impulsive to get on board and reach there in no time. A travel plan was made to visit the paradise of Indian "Kashmir". I think I was then 9 or 10 yrs old and my sister 5/6. Day and night both of us kept ourselves busy in discussing what we would do there, how we wwould play with the snow, how much fun it would be, which doll/toy to take with us and then ending up in a fight. That was a time of sheer innocence when we were fully depended on our parents totally ignorant of the fact that practically what kind of preparation actually one had to take during a trip. We were happy with our imaginative world which made us to travel Kashmir for more than 100 times before we practically reached the city. Our parents would sometimes get angry with all our repetitive nagging questions or sometimes patiently answer our each question. I can vaguely visualise those days we were sitting on the both sides of our parents and with wide eyes listening our travel plans, about the Paradise of India, about the beauty of the mountains, the Dal Lake, the house boats, Shikara so on so forth. 
Our stay in Srinagar was not pleasant though due the bad weather and flood flowing at that time. But we enjoyed our trip wholeheartedly in some different way. We used to travel by boats from the main road to our hotel and then from the pavement till the hotel doorstep we have to walk over big tree trunks. All over the place where covered with mushy green water and if one didn't know the fact that this was water you were definitely going to get a chilled bath in this cold ice cold water. And yes it had happen with me two times...:D
On our way back home our train crossed Lucknow where my maternal uncle used to stay. So we met him in the station for few minutes and he handed over us loads of foods and gifts. We happily started our journey again. Among the food we had our dinner packed nicely too. And what we had!!!! Roti and GOLMORICH CHICKEN/BLACK PEPPER CHICKEN. The taste what I can remember was nice but too hot. And whole night my sister and I suffered from indigestion. But my parents enjoy the dish that we could guess how they smacked their lips and fingers and till date keep on talking about the dish. One day I gathered all the memorable flashbacks and decided to give a try to the Golmorich Chicken/ Black Pepper Chicken once again. Called my Tata (I call my maternal uncle with this name) and asked him to tell his secret Golmorich Chicken/ Black Pepper Chicken recipe. He laughed aloud and said he had totally forgotten about the recipe but still he gave me some titbits so that I can at least get a hunch how to cook it. So here I am with the dish. I have lessened the hotness of the pepper so that my lil one digest it and enjoy it. But if you love to have your chicken with full of peppery hotness then just go ahead enjoy the freedom of adding how much black pepper you want to add (To much usage of it may make the dish bitter). So here is the recipe:
Chicken (with bone): 300-400gms
Yogurt: 2 tbspn
Red Chili Powder: 1/2 tspn
Onion - 1 large
Ginger + Garlic Paste: 1tspn
Whole Black Pepper: 5-6
Black Pepper powder: 1 tspn (More or less)
Salt & Sugar as per taste
Oil: 2 tbspn
Ghee: few drops
1. Marinate the Chicken with Yogurt, Salt and red chili powder preferably over night.
2. Paste the onion along with ginger and garlic.
3. Heat the oil. Add the Whole Black Pepper in the hot oil and the add the onion paste.
4. Cook till it turns red.
5. Add the Chicken and cook in a low flame till the chicken gets cook.
6. Increase the flame and then add the Black pepper powder and cook till the dish take a dry texture.
7. Add ghee and then enjoy it with rice or roti.

You can add Potato if you want.

April 15, 2014

Master class International Vine & Food pairing Festival at Taj Bengal, Kolkata

 "FOUR SEASONS, the flagship brand of the company, captures the colors and moods of the four seasons, with three reds (Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Merlot); three whites (Sauvignon Blanc and Chenin Blanc and Viognier); and, a Rosé (Blush). The Barrique Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon and Barrique Reserve Shiraz are the premium offerings of the Four Seasons portfolio. These wines have been aged in imported French oak barrels for 9 months before being bottled." (Source: HERE)

Wine was always deprived from my tasting list unless and until I got the opportunity to go through a long educational wine testing session by the Four Seasons, where the whole show got conducted by Mr. Peter Mitter last year. The event was an eye opener for me and I better understood then how one should drink wine along with which kind of food. The marriage between Food and Wine is made in heaven for sure and we all people in earth taking the full pleasure to savour it.

On an invitation by the esteem Four Seasons team led me to witness the Master class International Vine &Food pairing Festival at Taj Bengal a couple of days back. This was for the first time the more than hundred famous International & National brands came under one roof  to showcase a tasting session along with the choice of best food by the talented and reputed chefs from the Taj group (Some got invited internationally too) to an esteem group of people.   My tasting session started right from the Four Seasons stall where the display of all the  range of wines from Four seasons got sampled including  Viognier, Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Blush, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon etc and my personal favourite the Barrique Reserve Cabrenet Sauvignon and Barrique Reserve Shiraz.  Four Seasons  produces wines from grapes grown around Sahyadri valley in Maharashtra, India and at its state-of-the-art Four Seasons winery near Baramati, around 65 kms from Pune. It aims to drive interest in wines and wine consumption by offering good quality wines at reasonable price points with packaging options as well as education and engagement.  The Master class session of each brands made the tasting session more interesting when one got to know the birth history  of the a wine till it gets matured. 
Chief Wine Maker of Four Seasons Mr Abhay Kewadkar's  master class was really an eye opener which covered the points like the right Choices of Oaks, Origin of the Oak, the Coopers Craft, The Flavour notes from the Barrel, What does a Barrel do, The Barrel Basics etc.
Moving on to all the other  national International brands what tickled the taste bud was the array of foods on display and that was also direct form the famous Chefs' stalls stationed there. For the first time taste the Rabbit meat sauce with Fettuccine. Though I was a bit skeptical how it would be, it really tasted very nice. Chef Sujan's special Gondhoraj Griddled Kolkata Beckti with Portobello Mushrooms was another dish, worth too mention. The Crab meat cake with Guacamole was just out of the world. Got the opportunity to taste the master class creation by the famous French Chef Marc Thuet too. All the dishes for me were the perfect pairing to complement that evening with the different colours and taste of wines.

Last but not the least the wine that won my heart was the Sparkling wine from Bouvet.  The french wine is the second oldest sparkling wine producer from Saumur in the Loire. The taste will give you the Champagne quality at a very significant price. Now its available in Kolkata Quest Mall too. Overall the whole event was a remarkably educational journey for me, mainly for the exclusive Master Class sessions. Talking with the Brand Sommeliers did break many myth and also gather a plethora of knowledge about the varieties of Wine. Its also a very proud moment to witness such event in our own city Kolkata. Hope to have this kind of event more here. With an ending note would like to convey my heartiest thanks to Four Seasons for extending the invitation for such great event.
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[Disclaimer: Kamalika C participated as a guest of Four Seasons and the post solely based on the author's honest experience..] .

April 13, 2014

Poila Boishakh Special Bangladeshi Spread with Chef Shawkat Osman at Taj Gateway, Kolkata

"Bangladeshi cuisine is not only starkly different, these preparations are as sumptuous as they are spicy." 
-Chef Shawkat Osman

Someone appeared without the Chef's Toque and the double breasted chef's suit, casually stormed towards us with his heavy steps, running his fingers through his curly bushy hair. Cladding with a Punjabi (Kurta) and white wide Pajamas renowned Bangaldeshi Chef Shawkat Osman comfortably relaxed on his position and asked "Bolo, Kotha theke Shuru Kori??"  (Tell me where to to start from). In his first appearance his intellectual aura enlightened and changed the whole atmosphere. And thus we started our journey with him to explore the Bangladeshi cuisine, I wished like it would never end ever. A very simple down-to-earth personality who will make one a friend within a second and a bag full of humour to share and make an atmosphere always full of joy with his jovialness - He is like that. Yes, he is Shawakat Osman the famous and talented Chef, who always leaves the impression whenever he comes to Kolkata to wave his magic wand through his authentic style of traditional Bangladeshi Cuisine and let us remember the taste that lasts days after days. We had witnessed an unforgettable memory that we will cherish ever after. . 
Poila Boishakha is just away a few steps from our door step. But Bengal has already glamed up with all the decorations and all the famous food outlets geared up with their Traditional Bengali Delicacies on offer. On an invitation by The Gateway (Taj), Kolkata, to preview the Poila Boishakh Menu spread designed by Chef Shawkat Osman, two of us (Amrita and I) from Kolkata Food Bloggers explored the journey through the Bangladeshi cuisine.  The line of division of Ebar Bangla (East Bengal) and Opar Bangla (West Bengal) not only creates a different outlook in the two cultures but also in the taste that only can be understood when the authentic traditional Bangladeshi cuisine gets served on your table and someone from the root explains you all your queries explaining the Food history and anecdotes behind the cuisine. If this part of Bengali dishes tends towards a bit sweeter side, the Opar Bangla dishes intend to add more chili in the dishes. They will soak whole night the whole red chilies and a group of ladies will come up only to grind the chilies to make a fresh paste out of it. The specialty of Bangladeshi cuisine is thus no addition of sugar or big onions but red chili paste and freshly grind Cumin powder. The only lemon they use, is the Kagzi Lebu (spl kind of Lime) nothing else. A special kind of Cock (Morog) gets breaded especially for the food lovers and to use in a special dish called Morog Pulao.  The flesh of the Morog/Cock is a bit hard but very tasty.  Eyeing down on the menu we found an array of Famous Bhangladeshi Bhorta dishes (I found a very nice article detailing about Bhorta HERE) were enlisted on offering during these fest.  One can have the taste of Baygon (Brinjal) Bhorta , Byagon(Brinjal) Doi Bhorta, Potol (POinted Gourd) Bhorta, Green Beans/Sheem Bhorta,  different kind of fish and prawn bhorta. One can indulge oneself with the very traditional Gime Patar Bora (a special kind of leaf only available in Bangladesh which is quite bitter in taste ) or Misty Kumro Phool Bhaji (Fritters out of sweet pumpkin flower).  Osman's very own creation of Sak Dal (Red spinach with Lentil) is a must to mention which can be devoured as a soup too. Bangladeshi cuisine can't be completed if the fresh pure  Ghee (Clarified butter) is not used. It not only enhances the dish but makes its aromatic and flavourful. And the key is, one have to use the Pure fresh Ghee. That we understood soon after tasting the Bhuna Kichuri, Morog Pulao and Tehari. All the three dishes were exquisitely delectable with the aroma of Pure Ghee. A special kind of Gobindo Bhog rice has been added specially from Bangladesh. In Bnagladesh Bhuna Kichuri is mainly served as a breakfast dish with Egg Korma without the addition of turmeric powder. Even the special kind of Cock (Morog) also gets imported here mainly for the fest to enhance the authentic taste of Morog Pulao.  Tehari is another unique dish got served on our plate. It is one of the famous Fast Foods of Bangladesh and happily gorged by the young generation and famous in the college canteens. Mainly Beef is used for the dish but Mutton is as well famous. To make this one have to take out 40 small pieces out of 1 kg meat.  Chef insisted us to taste the Shorse Mangsho (Mutton with Mustard paste) which is getting first time introduced in Kolkata in his Poila Boishak Menu. In a very pungent mustard gravy the mutton gets slowly cooked. When you will taste the sharp flavour of mustard will give a kick to the palate.  Another dish that is worth to mention is the Murgi'r Roast. Its cooked totally in the Pot Roasting process in a white almond base gravy. The soft and juicy chicken along with the gravy complemented perfectly with the rice dishes. Last but not the least the desserts were worth to mention too. Though I am not a sweet lover but instantly fallen in love with the oozing Kheer Patishapta. Many are on the list too - like Lou Payesh (Bottle Gourd kheer), Gokul Pitha, Khirtosh Pitha. 
Many other varities of Bangladeshi dishes will be served on during this Poila Boishakh Fest: Doi A'chor (Jackfruit in yogurt), Maan Kochu (Taro Root) Malakari, Potoler (Pointed Gourd) Dolma, Machher (Fish) Salon, Rui Moorighonto, PaNch Phoron Murgi, Mangsho Dal Yakni, etc. 
For the refreshment one can indulge oneself with any of the three quenchers: Dub (Coconut water) Komla'r (Orange) Shorbot, Teytul (Tamarind) Shorbot or Lassi...
Executive Chef Ashish Roy of The Gateway explained that all the dishes where presented in the attire of the less spicyness and less oily to maintain the healthy versions of the food.
Dub Komla's Shorbot

Gime Patar Bora

Osman's Sak Dal

Bhuna Khuchuri

Morog Pulao

Shorshe Mangsho

Doi E(N)chor

Ayre Macher Kalia

Murgir Roast

Kheer er Patishapta & Gokul Pitha
Highly recommend to try out the Bangladeshi Culinary journey at The Gateway, Taj, Kolkata. More detail:

Buffet : Priced at INR 1250+taxes
Saturday 12th April - Dinner
Sunday 13th April - Lunch and Dinner
Monday 14th April - Dinner
Tuesday 15 th April - Lunch and Dinner

Thali :Available for lunch and dinner from Saturday 12th April-Tuesday 15th April, 2014
Niramish Thali (Vegetarian) - INR 1000+taxes
Amish Thali (Non vegetarian) - INR 1100+taxes

Timings : 12:30 pm-3:00pm and 7:30 pm-10:30 pm

For reservations call : 033-66653133 

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[Disclaimer: This is an Invited Review and solely based on the author's honest experience..] . 

April 12, 2014

Poila Boishakh Menu Preview at ITC Sonar, Kolkata

"My favourite Bengali dishes are Begun Bhaja (Brinjal fry), Luchi (Puri) and Aloor Chachhari (a speciall bengali curry with potato)…" Said Chef  Gaurav Lavania, Sr. Sous Chef at the hotel. 
A true Bengali Platter to celbrate Poila Boishak
When the Bengali dishes come from a Non- Bengali Chef, it becomes more interesting how authentic way he can present it and at the same time  challenging  too.  Hailed from UP and Married to a Bengali he did lot of research works, digging down the old hand written recipes - getting the translated versions of it, interacting with his customers then it became more easy to plan a menu for one of the famous Bengali festivity seasons, that proudly welcome our own Bengali New year "Poila Boishak". Getting an invitation from ITC Sonar to the Kolkata Food Bloggers group, a set of five KFBians reached the ITC Sonar to attend the press meet arranged over an array of Bengali delicacies that are ready to serve to celebrate Poila Boishak. Checking on the Menu it got our attention that the Chef team has tried to cover most of the famous Bengali delicacies which are very common in our daily Bengali platter at our home and also we love to have those on any celebration. One gets welcomed by the ever refreshing quenchers like  Gondhoraj Lassi, Duber Jol (Coconut Water) or Pora Aamer Shorbot (Roasted Raw Mango Drink). You will get the delicacies like Mochar Ghonto, Shukto, Thorer CheNchki, Chholar Dal, Chhanar Paturi, Cholar Dal Narkol Diye, Jhuri Aloo Bhaja, etc from the Vegetarian Section and from Non-Veg section you will have  Bhetki Machher Paturi, Chingri Triguna Bhaja, Kosha Mangsho, Chingri Malaykari, Rui machher Kalia and those who are allergic to seafood are complemented with a flavourful Chicken dish. The Chef shared that he loves most to the Chicken dish is on the offering and my fellow bloggers appreciated that too.  Even on the Buffet spread few more dishes are going to be added like : Bengali  specialties­ - Bodi  diye  Pabda Maccher  Jhal (Fish Dish),  Sorse  Chingri (Mustard Prawn),  Kochi  Pathar  Jhol (Mutton Dish),  Korai  Suti  Monger  Dal, Aloo Phoolkopir Dalna, Enchorer Kalia (Jackfruit Curry) and Doi Begun (Bringjal in Yogurt) etc. As the palate cleanser the Aamsotto  Kejhurer Chatni is on the menu. In the dessert section the menu has been designed keeping in mind the famous sweet delicacies from a Bengali Kitchen. More surprisingly one will get to taste the Nolen Gurer Payesh on this off season of Nolen Gur.  Rajbhog and Chhanar Jilibi are there to make it a cherry on the top. As long as the taste of the food is concerned it is delectable though you will get different flavour here mainly I found in the Veg delicacies that is not common in our Bengali Kitchen. Upon asking that the Chef replied- if you get the same taste out here then what is the point of spending money it.  Apart from all the drool worthy delicacies the most captivating aura of dining out specially on this Poila Boishakh day is to be having the foods served on beautiful earthen terracotta lined with Banana Leaves utensils with the Lebu-Lanka(Lemon & Green Chili) and Papad. Don't Forget the Gorom Gorom (Warm) Luchi & Ghee Bhat to pair with the main course. Along with the True Bengali dishes it creates a true Bengali cultural atmosphere that represents our ancient traditional heritage. Likewise the name ITC Sonar suggests to represent our Sonar Bangla's Food and Culture which are nothing but a spirit of the city  stands with a water-filled space of 120 meters long . It tries to represent the ancient Baganbari spirit -a confluence of its people, their culture and their symbols.
Among all I liked most the Luchi & Kosha Mangsho.
Gondhoraj Lassi

Chingri Triguna Bhaja (Prawn Fried with Poppy Seeds, Sesame Seeds and Nigell/ Onion Seeds/Kalo Jeera/Kalonji)

Bhetki Machher Paturi

Rui Machher Kalia, Chingri Malaykari & Kosha Mangsho

Luchi, Cholar Dal, & Mochar Ghonto

Rui Macher Kalia & Chingri Malaykari

Aloo Posto

Nolen Gurer Payesh, Chhanr Jilipi & Rajbhog

 The Poila Baishak Food Fest continues: 11th April to 19th April'14 (Dinner Buffet. On 15th Both Lunch and Dinner Buffet)
Venue: Eden Pavilion
Pocket Pinch: Rs 2000 plus applicable taxes with soft beverages and INR 2750 
plus taxes for unlimited premium brands of select alcohol .
Timings: 12:30­ 2:45 pm and 7:30 to 11:45 pm 

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