March 11, 2014

Book Review: The Temple of Avinasi by Ayush Pathak

"Where is the 'History' in those History books?" According to his opinion they should better call the subject 'Present'.  And if the humnas are so stubborn on calling it History, the at least call it ' The Present- History' or the ' Present-Human-History-with-all-the-essential-details-kept-out', but definitely not the 'History'.
           The Temple of Avinasi by Ayush Pathak (P:19, line: 1-5)

The Story Line:

"A heroic tale timed in modern age -- a battle of existence between evil and the good, bred on the ashes of the four thousand year old legendry Epic Wars. The Immortal Protectors of the Temple are finding it hard to maintain control over a new rising evil power, far greater in magnitude than the previous war. 

The Shield that protects Earth from external attacks had stopped the invading Dark Seekers, also called Nishachars -- a fled group from some distant dying planet -- for long. Until four thousand years ago when the shield was ruptured, and the entire mortal world turned on the edge of demolition. It was then the immortal protectors, the Light Seekers, more commonly known as Devs, along with the remaining army of mortals fought and drove back the combined army of Nishachars and Asurs, and restored the shield -- but at a great price. The Nishachars retreated, and since then they have grown and redoubled their army several times, waiting for their prophesized Dark Lord to rise. The Devs, on the other hand, knowing that they wont be able to stop the Great Dark Lord, if risen -- formed a secret brotherhood named The Temple of Avinasi and scattered themselves throughout the world. Their only feeble hope lies in an ancient legend named Kalki, the last prophesized Avatar of Vishnu And unaware of all this, two fourteen year old boys are presently spending their time merrily together in the mortal world, innocently oblivious to the fact, that how much changed their destinies are from what it seems, and how much the worlds fate is dependent on them…"

Ayush Pathak being an Electrical Engineer from BIET Jhansi made the impossible, possible. On the other hand he achieved the motto of his life- A life which begins with a dream, ends with success.” Being attached to the myths and Saga’s of our culture from his childhood and having a root deep in the Epics, writing this fiction he did the justice to himself. When I received the mail for the writer and have gone through the synopsis, I got hooked to the storyline on spot. After receiving the book I started reading it but after reading 3/4 pages I understood this was not the kind of book that could be devoured within a day or two but to go slow and needs a thorough study for better understanding. By genre it can be defined as an Epic fantasy or a mythological fiction, which can be easily understood by reading the synopsis itself. The whole story was presented with a blend of the myths and modernism, a  Saga of a battle between Good and Evil.

The novel itself started in the modern era but led to the distant past where Sri was anxiously awaiting "Brihaspati".  Throughout the novel I found the marriage between the modern era and the mythological aspects. Ayush himself told how the story idea came to his mind: “What if the main conclusive battle is to take place in our present time the 21st Century?” The introduction of Sri, Yeti, Nishachars, Devs, Ana, Angels, and they got portrayed and developed with the story are worth mentioning. Ayush in such a young age made a history in the world of Indian English Literature by creating an epic mythological modern story. The concept of the book is clear from the beginning to end, though I would love to read more about Angel and Ana's love story. The best part of the book was its language. Ayush has kept the language simple and avoided the usages of bombastic words for better understanding. And only because of it the book itself offered a very easy read and a more concentration on the story. Ayush himself presented us a highly intellectual philosophical observation that a mind can continuously process while after finishing the book. He has presented the truth of the world the war between the Evil and Good. He has focused on Love the eternal bonding of life and the search for survive. The Temple of Avinashi is Ayush's first novel and with the very first beginning he has created a history. The next sequel of the novel will be following soon. Hope like the first one we will like the next one too.