January 29, 2014

Kolkata Food Bloggers' Birthday Bash- The Potluck Party

Celebration needs no introduction, time or date, mainly when you have a fabulous group of like minded people whose one and only focus is towards Food, Food and Food. So we are the KFBians, always gleeful to grab such opportunity which will give some quality time to spend with each other - eating, clicking and giggling. Ok, this time we did have something special to celebrate. Not only special but an Especial occasion - Our KFB group turned ONE this year on 27th Jan'14. We didn't waste much time, booked one weekend just prior to 27th (as 27th falls on Monday) and got set ready for a fabulous Potluck Party. Awesome Food, Awesome people and of course a perfect venue that our dear Archita and her hubby offered us- their house, which was not less than a lovely resort. The duo was the perfect host and hostess of that afternoon who actually made the party successful. Thanks a lot  Archita and  Abhishek.
When we reached the venue, we were straight way directed to the pretty green garden that proudly treasures the house.  We found two KFBians' hubbies were working hard to get the right flame to set the BBQ to grill the Kababs that Archita had already kept ready. The garden got spontaneous with the chirps of the KFBians and the party dishes slowly started to unveil themselves. 
For the starters we had Fish cake made by Anwesha, Chicken Kababs and Dahi Fuchkas (Gol Gappe) by Archita and some chips with dips. The Fish cake for us was a real surprise as we all expected some kind of patty looking stuff. But what Anwesha stated that this was particularly her Moms recipe. No need to say taste wise it owned all of our hearts. But the real stunner starter of the day was the Kababs.  I have never tasted so yammy Kababs in my life, not even in the restaurant. It was soft, succulent and a perfectly blend of all spices. 
The Kids as well as the adults started taking full advantage of a day off where one can only indulge in playing, chatting, cracking jokes and giggle with his/her heart out. As we all were foodie there, one thing kept on simultaneously running along with everything was chomping, munching and gulping. 
We came to the most precious moment to cherish when we all blow the candle, sang the Happy Birthday song and cut the cake. Yours truly made the Blueberry Cheese Cake topped with Chocolate ganach. I am blushing to say that everybody praised a lot after having the cake..:D
For the Main course we had lip smacking delicious dishes.  Each dish was significantly tasty  and proved that all the Food Bloggers really are expert cooks. Following are the name of the dishes and member's name who made it:
2. Fresh Salad - Archita R
3. Chicken Hawaiian Salad - Anwesha B
5. Sauce da Chole - Amrita Gill
6. Mutton Pasanda - Amrita Gill
8. Chutney - Urmi G
9. Tripple Layered Kaju Sandesh - Urmi G
10. Pudding- Gungun C
11. Nolen Gurer Rasogolla - Chandrima S
Last but not the least, It was really a great pleasure of us to have two guest bloggers - Chandrima Sarkar from Delhi and Gungun Chanda from Mumbai with us. We had a Prize distribution ceremony too. Chandrima Sarkar won a recipe contest by the KFB and we handed over the Prize to her on the auspicious day. Overall it was a great afternoon that we spent with utter merriment and enjoyed with our heart out. Let me finish here now. Happy Birthday KFB. I wish every year we should have this kind of Happy Happy Happy kind of parties and also all over the year KFBians should meet over food and show their excellence in the field they are gaining fame now.

January 25, 2014

An Overview of the Seafood Festival at Swissotel, Kolkata,


A chill wintery evening lured the KFB table members to esteem the invitation came from the Swissotel, Kolkata to sample their "Seafood Festival". Seafood is always my weakness and the invitation made me excited to experience a focused journey, mainly where one could witness a face to face conversation with the chefs. It’s a long drive from my place to reach Newtown. Thankfully I have one of the KFBians to give me company and make the long way shortest with all the chitchats and giggles dominated the mechanical traffic sounds echoing all around us. After reaching Swissotel, we were warmly welcomed by the Team Swissotel. Their cordial gestures made us to sit comfortably and at ease. Soon we were offered Juice/Tea/coffee to satisfy our quenched heart and no later the other 3 KFBians joined the group. And the journey of the "Seafood Sensation" started and it would never end, if we didn't have the rush to again cover the long drive and reach back home safely late at night.
The most proud moment arrived when shortly Chef Mahesh and Pastry Chef Sanjay joined us. In no time we all swayed in the jaunt discussing minutely the dishes listed down in the menu and proudly exhibiting on the dessert buffet corner . Chef Mahesh, young he is but experienced that he proved by the dishes and the knowledge he shared with us. Patiently he kept on answering all our questions and we all stepped in the shoes of a student mesmerizingly lost in the land of learning the culinary secrets that came direct from an Experienced Chef. He unfolded the myths embedded in our mind and stirred it up  with the knowledge that would help us in the long run.
The sample dishes from the Seafood Fest kept coming one after one and our discussion on that particular dish kept on blooming with Chef Mahesh. First we are served two dishes from the Appetizer section: Yam Talay (450/-) and Seared Scallops (675/-). Yam Talay was made after Thai cuisine, a seafood salad with a spicy salad dressing. Crab meat, scallop, prawns, squids all got mixed with the green mesclun (young salad leaves) and got sprinkled with the chilly infused citrusy  dressing which after each bite would hit the palate with a kind of yamness. But the Seared Scallops I must say was the star appetizer of the evening. This is for the first time I have tasted Daikon (Radish of Japan with a long hard durable root eaten raw or cooked) and the Cauliflower Veloute. The pan seared scallops were served on a bed of Cauliflower Veloute, (made out of pureed cauliflower sautéed with butter and flour) and Daikon was an amazing combination. Taste wise I just felt keep on eating the dish. It is a must try dish.
Next came lining up the 3 exotic dishes from the Main course. We all jumped with joy when we found Lobster Thermidor (1400/-) on the table. This is one dish that we the KFBians kept on discussing and tasting where ever we got it but failed to taste the authentic Thermidor that the actual recipe called for. Where ever I have tasted in Kolkata it was served either very creamy or very cheesy. But here we had totally the dried version of it. The Chef told us the original recipe calls for very less ingredients, scooping the flesh out of the Lobster shell, roughly chopping it, nicely mixed with the ingredients and to bake. Ah, I must say I loved it with a tiny bite on the Asparagus, Broccoli, and Garlic bread the Thermidor cooked up the perfect bite in my mouth.
Next we tasted the Norwegian Salmon (850/-). Pan roasted Salmon served with Salsa Varde, Mashed Potato and Chorizo (Pork) crisp. After settling down in India, this was for the first time I have taste Salmon. The taste blended perfectly with the minimum spices used to give a crispy bite to the Fish steak. Loved the pairing with the mash potato and the chorizo crisps which gave an extra hint to the flavour to make the bites more savoury.

Chermoula Spiced Fish (500/-) was the last one we got to sample. It came direct from the Meditarian Cuisine, spiced up in a Moroccan style. No need to say it has also won our heart.
The Seafood Festival Menu has been created taking dishes form all over the world. The Chef said he tried to maintain the authentic recipes of the classic dishes but at the same time he has introduced few fusion dishes too.  The Chef did able to create a Seafood Sensation by the magic of his creations.
We then move on the Buffet portion where dishes from French cuisine were luring us but the dessert section entice all to eat less the savoury items but gobble up more the dessert. Chef Sanjay did proved that his experience made him crown the hat of the best baker for us. The amazing beauties made perfectly and tasted out of the world, made us so impressed that is beyond explanation.
Last but not the least what surprised us and just bowled all of us, was the Paan Icecream. First time we heard and also tasted for the first time, we were not the verge to believe that the Icecream has been made out of Betel leaves. The taste was just out of the world, and I was not able to control myself to keep on tasting and tasting. Topped with gulkand gave us the feel of having meeta paan (Sweet Betel Leave) but in the attire of an Icecream. This was the best dessert of the night. And yes the Nolegur Icecream is amazing too. But I got hooked with the Paan Icecream.
The Seafood Sensation can be happily devoured in any of the outlets within Swissotel (the Swiss cafe, the Maaya lounge, Durbari and Splash). I would highly recommend to enjoy the feel on the pool side that is in the Splash and enjoy a journey to the seaworld. 
The overall experience was amazing. Mainly I would like to thank the wonderful hosts - Enakshi, Maya and Anuj for their awesome hospitality and the cordial gestures that made us feel so free and enjoy the evening with utter satisfaction.

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January 21, 2014

Fish Chops / Fish Croquettes

Time really runs fast. I can still remember the day when five Food Bloggers from Kolkata started this new adventure to achieve a dream to create a Food Bloggers' society in Kolkata. And now only 4 days are left to celebrate the First Birthday of Kolkata Food Bloggers aka KFB. With lot of twist and turns now we have come to this podium where we, the KFBians so much enjoy each other’s company, the internal-external activities, the Table meets, the events et al. Within this short span of time KFBians got a chance to work as a co-organizer of the Nutrifest of the KPC Medical College. The KFBians did four video shoots for a documentary which went to the 19th Kolkata International Film Festival last year. The team KFB started taking invited review programs and sampling food fests and so on and so forth...
We hope to achieve many more milestones by the KFB group. Wish us good luck so that we can keep on cooking, clicking, sharing and learning many more things and achieve those which we really lack. Here I Invite all my Food Blogger Friends to celebrate the KFB birthday with us. Keep following us and pour your love for us.
This Fish Chops/ Fish Croquettes I have once made for the first KFB Potluck Party. Everybody liked it. But I was pretty tensed about the reaction of the KFBians as this time I was going to face all the expert cooks from Kolkata. But I did a happy dance when everyone praised it whole heartedly. During my USA stay this one was one of my signature dishes for each party. So today I can't think of any other Finger food (this is the birthday celebration theme of the week, that our Event Manager Sarani has decided) but the Fish Chops/ Fish Croquettes. So here is the recipe, hope you all will like it.
Rohu Fish (Peti/ Belly part) Block- 6pcs
Potato- 3 medium
Turmeric Powder- 1/2 tea spn
Cumin Powder- 1 tea spn
Coriander Powder - 1 tea spn

Onion- 2 medium
Ginger paste- 3/4 tea spn
Tomato - 1 large
Salt & Sugar- According to taste
White Oil- 2 tbspn + Enough to Fry the Fish Chops/croquettes.

For the crust:
Flour- 1 tb spn
Water- 3/4 cup
Roasted Biscuit crust- 2  cups (more or less- I always keep 1 extra cup handy)
  1. Boil the Fish with a pinch of Turmeric Powder and salt for 15 to 20mnts. Strain and bone the fish very carefully so that not a single piece leaves and also remove the fat/skin of the fish.
  2. Boiled the potatoes. Strain the water and reserve.
  3. Now add and mash all the dry ingredients/ Masala, Salt nicely with fish and Potato. Make nice dough.
  4. Heat the oil in a non-stick pan. Add the onion. Fry till it turns brown. Add chopped tomatoes and Ginger paste. Keep on frying till the Tomatoes separate the oil.
  5. Add the fish mixture to it. Fold nicely and keep on Sautéing till the mixture starts to leave a fried aroma and looks like a very dry dough. (Don't forget to check the taste to add more salt or not)
  6. Cool it. Grease your hand with oil. Start shaping the chops/Croquettes a good shape.
  7. Now add the flour and water. Make a nice mixture out of it. Take a plate and spread the Biscuit crumbs.
  8. Take one croquette. Dip in the Flour mixture and then roll on the crumbs. Again dip in the flour mixture and then roll on the crumbs. Doing it two to three times gives a very crusty bite after it gets fired.
  9. When all the croquettes are ready to fry just keep them in the freezer for an hour or so.
  10. Then deep fry them till they turn brown and serve them with sauce or desired dips. Don't forget to absorb the excess oil for the Croquettes by using a tissue paper.

1. To make this croquettes you can use Katla/ Basa or Bhetki fish.
2. Usually 2 normal size Fish block + 1 medium Potato yield 3 croquettes (of course - depends on the size).
3. You can store it (Non-fried one ) in the freezer for a week and just take it out and fry whenever you want to have it.

January 17, 2014

Andrenalize Event 2014 by Four Seasons

This one was the second event I attended by Four Season and the first Adrenalize event. I have heard and read a lot about the event, mainly the fun part of it really allured me since last year. Luckily this time I got the invitation, but sad at the same time that only three bloggers from Kolkata got invited here- Two Beauty and Lifestyle Bloggers and me, the Food Blogger who represented KolkataFood Bloggers group at the same time. Thanks to hubby dear who gave me company as my guest, we reached dot at 7.00pm at the venue, the Tollyguange club. Our dearest Host Peter K Mitter greeted us with a warm welcome, made us sit comfortably and then briefed us about the event. The event has been started by the Gym Section of the Tollyguange Club and every year Four Seasons sponsors it.  
The open air space was ornamented with tinny tiny colourful strings of lamp. Huge artificial grapes hanging from top, gave an impression of the vineyard. The whole atmosphere and the chilly wintry evening carried us to an enchanted world with a romantic aura. The white banquet chairs and tables slowly started getting occupied by the lovely guests. Some treasure hunt event started right from the beginning and all the guests found busy looking for the treasures with a clue in each one's hand. We were not lucky enough to hunt out any treasure. 
To warm us up, Peter no sooner let us enjoy a bottle of Shiraz, the red wine from Four Season.  An assorted cheese platter was already served on each table with some cocktail toasts and mesclun.  All the table got flooded with the Four Season  wines. The guests were started to be seen busy in sips and chomps. 
The DJ on the background slowly got ready to change the mood of the evening in to a music cum dance night. Yes, just in a minute the music banged the party, the dance floor trembled with the tapping feet. From the 20s to the 70s met together happily to get the crown to win the best dancing pair. In intervals the in-house prize distributions kept on ringing but  the music never got stopped. No need to say we also danced with our heart out after a long time.
The best time arrived when the grape stomping session started. Apart from the two beautiful volunteers, some guests too joined their feet to experience the soggy juicy stuff wriggling and tickling  their feet.  Clicking sounds of the cameras, the merriment laugh echoing all around, brought the heaven on earth for a while. All became the angles and divined the peace of utterly pure joy. The Grape stomping session kept on continuing but we have to rush to to the food counter to taste some delicacy before we leave for home.
Grilled Pork Chops with some boiled vegetables and toast and Grilled Chicken with Russian Salad sand toast served shortly for us. I prefer Pork so chose the pork platter. It was absolutely delicious and even the chicken that I managed a bite from the man. The food was excellent and so as the whole experience. Special thanks to Peter from Four Season for his heartwarming hospitality that will embed an everlasting impression in our heart. Thanks to Four Seasons too for this wonderful invitation. 

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January 16, 2014

Kolkata Food Bloggers Table meet at Chawlas 2, Kolkata

Chawlas 2
ADDRESS: 43, Ballygunge Gardens, Near Golpark, Kolkata
Phn: 033 40640000
Meal for two: 800/--900/-
Picture Courtesy: Archita Chandra Ray
If you walk few steps ahead of Amenia, Golpark, you will get Chawlas which is very easy to locate just above the Arambagh Store. I hardly experiment new food joints if I am out with the family. We have 2 or 3 fixed restaurants that we keep on rotating only because of the Lil one enjoys those eateries and our taste buds too now depend solely what the lil one will approve. So after we have the KFB Table meet every month I am on cloud nine to experiment the versatile taste of the Kolkata Food Joints, which always lure me with an open arm. This time we got an invitation from the humble, polite and professional Team Chawlas to visit their joint and let people know about their food. I was quite surprised to see the place first that I have never noticed the restaurant which is just located on road through which I commute everyday. That is the only concern of the Chawlas Team that the location was so good but most of the time they failed to come in the notice of people only because it is located on the top of Arambagh.

I entered the restaurant and climbed the stairs following some amazing photographs adorning the walls with the scent of History. I was greeted by one of the owners to this cosy little joint and made me comfortable to sit and enjoy the experience of the North Indian delicacies from Punjab. Four members from KFB Table then delved into the journey of the food tasting session that started savouring one after one delectable dishes. 
Soda Shikanji
Soda Shikanji (not Shikanzi)[Price: 40/-], first I have learnt the pronunciation from my friend Amrita and she explained me Soda Shinkaji was actually made out of Soda, Lemon Juice and a special kind of Spice mix. It tasted something like Jaljeera/Chat Masala but the Spice gave a different taste too. What we intimated later that this was a special kind of spice that came all the way from Ludhiana. In fact for each item they have their own spices and all they have from Ludhiana itself. India is such a versatile country where apart from the language the food also narrated different stories and the taste behind it that is mainly ruled by the originality of the regional spices. We all loved the refreshing Drink.  I loved the fizz sparkling out of the glass as soon as it was served. Tried to capture it but failed...
Masala Papad (Price: 25/-) came next. I found it a bit spicy and hot as my hot tolerance is very poor. But I bet who are the king and queen of spicy and hot food lovers will surely enjoy it. Topped with Paneer, Tomatoes, onion, Cucumber mix can be enjoyed with a chilled refreshing Drink.
Flair of starters filled the table in no time - Chicken Malai Tikka (Price: 210), Tandoori Chicken (Price: 320/- Full), Mutton Adrakhi Panje (Price: 245/- , comes 4pcs) and Tandoori Stuffed Aloo (Price: 165/-). Let me start with the veg one first. Tandoori Stuffed Aloo, is very tasty stuffed with paneer and a blend of special kind of spices. Not too spicy nor too hot, perfect amalgamation of all the flavours. I would not much speak about Chicken Malai Tikka because this is common of all and everybody's favourite too. But would really like to speak about the other two. We were told that their Tandoori Chicken is special. Why!!! because it is white in colour. After asking the reason behind it they said that they were trying to follow the healthier version of preparing food. Therefore they always use pure ghee and refined oil. They do not use any artificial colours to their dishes. Taste wise and quality wise (talking about the meat quality), no doubt it made us happy. Wholeheartedly enjoyed the healthy version of white Tandoori Chicken. But the real take of the day was Mutton Adrakhi Panje. I am a bit of skeptical kind of person when it comes to mutton or pork. I can't bear the chewiness of the meats and the wild smell of it if it is not cooked properly. No doubt the mutton was too juicy and soft and overall it tasted out of the world. At each bite the flesh got melted in our mouth and a contented smile was seen on each face. I am going to try this one again to Chawlas. Forgot to mention, the kababs were served with cream salad, that too enhanced the taste of the dishes.
The main course got served shortly when we were done with the starter. We were busy in the discussion about the food the main course started to line up one by one on the table. Four kinds of flat breads got served along with pickles, marinated onions and Fresh Salad. Among Butter Naan (Price:45/-), Garlic Naan (Price: 50/-), Lachha Paratha (Price:45/-) and Tandoori Roti (Price:15/-) which one I like most I can't say. But what I like most that they are very soft and you don't have to strain your gums to muscle them up. Perfect pairing for the main course we enjoyed with.

As you can already see in the picture, we were served four different types of dishes. Butter Chicken (Price: 450/- Boneless/ Full) again comes under the list of all time favourites. Likewise the flavour, the colour, the texture and the taste all are perfectly blend to try out again and again. I am not a Dal lover so I hardly tasted Dal Makhani (Price:135/-). So skipping this part to give my opinion. Hope you will get the feedback from my fellow bloggers’ review. Mutton Roganjosh (Price:225/-) again is the winner. Taste wise and the succulent softness of the meat won all the hearts. Then we were offered the famous Chawlas Special Cream of Chicken. We were told that when it comes to cream people think that the taste will be on the sweeter side (I come under this group..:P ..). But the specialty of the Chawlas is, you will not find any sweetness in the taste but a peppery tinge in it. The taste is totally different. Some people may like, some may not, as one of our foodie friends said he really enjoyed the Cream Chicken of Chawlas. So it is always better to try out one’s own taste bud and rely on it. If you ask my opinion my  mindset  and taste have become set if there is cream a bit sweetness might help to enhance the taste. But again the taste always varies person to person.
Last but not the least, we were all so much full there was no more space for any kind of desserts. But the generous Team Chawlas didn't let us go without tasting their Gajar ka Halwa. I am not a sweet lover so skipped this part and left my fellow mates to speak on it. But seeing their faces I guessed they really enjoyed the dish.

Overall we spent an awesome afternoon. Now a day my mind always looks for the eateries where I can bring the lil one and she can enjoy the food. And if you ask a Mom, I am quite satisfied with the taste of the food. Because the dishes are not spicy, hot and chilies are used very less which the kids can easily enjoy and digest. The foods are not very oily too. The space is small but will give you the comfort feeling of home. The Waiters are well versed and courteous. I am really too impressed by the simplicity and the humble gestures of the owners (Among the four owners we met 2). They simply left us to enjoy the food and the company of friends. Yes I should also mention the portions they serve. Each main course Handi is more than enough for 3 people, yes it is immense. Do try out this North Indian Punjabi Food joint with your family and Friends.

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{Disclaimer - This was an invited review and no compensation monetary or otherwise was involved.}

January 13, 2014

Kheerer Patishapta- Poush Sankranti Special

As far as my sweet tooth is concerned, it is always prone towards the chocolates and cakes. Being a true bong, people do laugh at me when they hear I don't like Indian sweets or maybe I am too much restricted to some. The most disgusting part my parents faced with me was during the festive times. My mom makes awesome Bengali sweet delicacies during each Bengali festival. Whether it is Puja time or Dol/Holi or it’s the Poush Sankranti, Mom never fails to take out time from her busy schedule to make some famous Bengali sweet bites. My Sister, my dad, the guests, the relatives would gobble them up and crave for more. But the only exceptional in the family was me. And I was so choosy about food during my girlhood that my mom really had taken a lot of pain only because of me. Mainly I can recall those days of Poush Sankranti where my mom had to make separate Kheerer Patishapta for me because I used to hate the coconut stuffing patishaptas. I have never shown any kind of interest to learn how to make Patishapta. After I got married I started liking all kind of foods and at the same time trying to make them too though my taste for the sweets remained the same. I guess the main reason is, I don't have much option to show my dislike and to be taken care of. More over I start trying new kind of dishes when I stepped in to the Food blogging world. Yes Food Blogging too compelled me to try out new new recipes and also that change my dislikes into likes.
 I started missing my mom. And a time has come when I eat almost everything and beg sorry to my mom for giving all the trouble to her (that revolution actually came after Lil K was born. I stepped on the same shoe of my mom and lil K on mine….:)...). I have never tasted anybody else's Patishatpa apart from my mom’s which I always pride to be especially made for me only and the best one. After my marriage I find my MIL celebrates each festivals more elaborate and delectable way. For each festival she will make ceremonious spread of sweets and that will be distributed to the neighbourhood. During the Poush Sankrati too she makes quite a lot Patishaptas to share with her neighbours. And the neighbours too literally wait for theses invites. After my MIL got to know about my likeness only for Kheerer Patishapta, like my mom she too made some for me only. And I was so overwhelmed by the sweet gesture. Now I am learning Patishapta from her. 
Patishapta is nothing but same like the crepe which is sweet in taste and also have sweet stuffing in it. We to do get many variations for the stuffing. But mostly the popular ones are the one made out of coconut and kheer. It is especially made during the Bengali Poush Sankranti or Poush Parban festival. This festival actually celebrates the hervest festival as  It is known as the 'holy phase of transition'.
Wish you all Happy Makar/ Poush Sankranti and the same time would like wish you all Happy Lohri and Happy Pongal....

So here is the recipe:
For the Kheer:
Milk: 1 & 1/2 liter
Sugar: 1 & 1/2 cup (More or less)

For the Crepes:
 Flour/Maida - 1/2 Cup
Sooji/Semolina  - 1/2 Cup
Milk - 1 cup (More or less)
Kheer  - 1 Cup (more or less- the consistency should be runny)
Ghee or Oil -  Enough for frying.
1.   First make the kheer. Bring the 2 litres milk to boil and then keep on stirring until it the milk's consistency gets thicken but still runny. Add the sugar and then again keep on stirring for a while. Reserve 1 cup kheer from the portion. Bring the remaining portion to get thick. Remember to stir and scrap the dried milk from time to time. Now you have to take extra care from this stage. Since the milk tends to burn very fast if you’re careless watching it . So stir and scrap the milk solids very frequently and cook in a low flame. In this stage most of the water vaporizes from the milk turning it into a thick consistency with a granular texture. Take a bit in your hand and check if it is ready to stuff your crepes. If ready then cool it down and reserve.
2.    Now get ready to make the crepes. Take the milk and soak the Sooji/Semolina for an hour or so. Take the flour and keep on adding little bit of the runny kheer and keep on stirring continuously so that the flour does not form any lumps. Now slowly add the Milk and Sooji/Semolina mixture to the flour. Be careful to keep on stirring constantly to avoid lumps. (See note)..
3.   Now take a non-stick pan a heat Ghee or Oil (for each crepe you will need 1-2 tspns). Make sure that the pan and the oil/ghee is hot enough. Now pour enough batter (best to use an ice cream scoop) on the pan and swirl it to spread the batter all over the pan same like you make dosa/crepes. Give the batter to set for some time and when you feel that it is done take a portion of the dry kheer and line length wise in the middle. Then slowing take a turner/spatula and turn one side on the top of the stuffing and then turn the other side on the top. Let it cook for a couple of minutes and take it out from the pan and put it on the serving dish.
1. I always make Kheer in Kadai. That makes the cooking time less.
2. The batter consistency will be runny but not too runny. Just same like the Dosa or crepe battter.
3. You can always reserve more runny kheer  and coat each Patishapta with it. It will taste more better.