December 18, 2013

My Second Guest Post - Food Photography

My joy knew no bound when I was approached by Huma to write a guest post for her blog. But when I heard the subject my heart shrank down.  I was requested to write a post on Food Photography. Food Photography is not my cup of tea, as I hardly know anything technically about this field.  But yes, I love clicking and experimenting and I have improved a lot if I compare them with my earlier Food Photographs. So when I shared my confusion with Huma, she said that she loved the way I click and why didn't I share my Food Photography experience with the readers. So I gained some confidence and wrote my experience on Food Photography. So please visit Huma's blog Geza-e Shiriin to READ MORE.
Do not forget to surf her blog for some awesome mouthwatering recipes.


Gheza e shiriin said...

Thanks Kamalika for such a wonderful post.

nandoos Kitchen said...

nice post dear. First time here. Very happy to follow you.

Eduard Kooij said...

Super delicious recipe and amazing photographs . In the world of photography, tighter is almost always better. A tight crop simplifies the shot, makes it more tactile, makes it easier to see the details, and lessens the need for props.

Regards Eduard