November 21, 2013

Chocolate Mousse in Chocolate Shell

I am falling in love with my late night chocolate cravings. Because of this craving I always come up with something creative that I have never made in my life. Ah not talking about the mousse, that I have made several times but a couple of days before what I made, I am talking about that - the Chocolate Mousse in Chocolate Shell. If someone says Chocolate making is one of the easiest jobs, I might partially support it. But when it comes to perfection and texture it is one of the toughest job I must say. And look matters a lot, as that gives us the first impression and then of course the taste. My mousse recipe differs from the other mousse recipes. I am always a lazy person mainly when it comes to cooking. My target always is to spend the less time in the kitchen. So this recipe is always one of the shortcut versions to get your mousse ready without wasting much time….:P OK!!! Lets move to the recipe then….
(Yeilds 3 ramekins size)
For the shell-
Dark chocolate - 3/4 cup ( Grated, more or less)
White Chocolate- 1/4 cup

For  the Mousse-
Amul cream- 200 gm (Tetra Pack)
Eggs - 2
Milk Chocolate - 1 cup (Grated)
Vanilla Essence - 1/2 tspn (Sweet orange also works great)

Powdered Sugar - Optional
Make the Shells:
  1. Take three dome shaped small bowl, smaller than a soup bowl, same like a dessert bowl.
  2. Melt the white chocolate and pour it in a piping bag. Made some designs as per your choice. Put it in the freezer for few minutes.
  3. Melt the Dark chocolate. Divide it in to three portion. Cool it down a bit. Then take one bowl pour the chocolate in the bowl and immediately with circular motion spread the chocolate all over the body of the bowl. It will tend to get hard immediately as the bowl will be cold. You can use your fingers too to spread the chocolate. Use the same procedure for the other two too. Chill it until the Mousse gets ready.

Make the Mousse:
  1. Take a double boiler. Take the container in which you will make the mousse.
  2. Add the eggs one by one and then beat it nice and fluffy. I used a normal hand beater. Add the cream then.
  3. Melt the Chocolate in a separated container.
  4. Heat the egg and cream mixture on a double boiler and continuously keep on stirring. When the cream will get hot add the melted chocolate. Never stop stirring, otherwise the eggs will form  lumpy in any time.
  5. Add the essence and cook until the mixture gets thicken.
  6. Take it off the heat and cool it.
  7. Now take out the bowls from the fridge on which you have moulded the shell. Before demoulding put them in the freezer for a couple of minutes. Then with a very slow tap demould them. And again put them in the bowl.
  8. Pour the mousse on each shell/bowl. Chilll and then before serving demould them (Place the serving dish on the top then flip it) and serve them with a fruit top or some chocolate sauce. For best result, chill it over night to set.

  1. This mousse will taste like more dense and creamy. If you want the airy and fluffy taste then please add whipped cream with it.
  2. Mousse in mainly gets folded with the whipped cream and egg white. But I am a bit skeptical in using raw eggs. So I make it in this way.
  3. I didn't use any sugar here. As my family's taste bud is towards the lesser sweeter side. So one can  always add sugar to adjust the sweetness.


spusht said...

I really liked how you made and presented it. Looks like those desserts you get at fine dining restaurants, know what I mean? :)

Anwesha Bh said...

Absolutely fantastic and looks so professional... the short list of ingredients encourages me to take a shot. :)

Hari Chandana P said...

OMG... these look so professional and perfect.. stunning photographs too.. awesome job dear.. thanks for sharing :)

Amrita Vishal said...

This is breathtaking beautiful and such a lovely recipe. Truly professional looking.

Priyadarshini said...

I am drooling profusely right now...awesome!!!!

Kamalika C said...

Thanks to all of you..:) said...

Wow!!!!!!!!!!! This looks DELICIOUS!!! and soo soooo creativeeeee!!!!! :)