June 17, 2013

Travel Chitchat

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” 
― Lao Tzu
Remember those hazards of standing in a long queue from the early morning and buying tickets for the tours our parents used to do. Sometimes we too accompany them to experience the pathetic inert conditions and made our parents' life miserable at that point of time by continuously nagging about how long we had to stand there. And if we were at home the excitement used to keep on fueling inside the heart and the glance was fixed on the door to see whether our parents returned with a happy smile on their face to declare "YES we got the tickets" or not. 
Buying tickets, planning a vacation was then all hand written and used to be done manually. We either rush straight to the stations, airports, bus depots or to the agents to make it bit easier. But many used to avoid the agents to save the little money what the agents would charge extra. First fill up a form to buy a ticket for bus, train or flights, and then do the payment in cash. But now, the days are gone when we have to stand in queues for booking train/bus or even Flight tickets. This is the advance era where day by day we are blessed with all the easy mode of communications. And when travel is concern you just have to sit in front of a desk top with an internet connection, click a button, fill up the mandatory requirement and here your travel booking is done. The online booking system has made life too easy and less time consuming.
Fly with an airline was quite a fancy in previous days. To avoid the exorbitant price of the flight tickets, people used to travel by train or bus. And on the contrary the rail routes and services where quite good on those old days. Now people feel more secure to fly rather than travelling on land. So the present scenario depicts the first preference to travel by flights and then choose the second option going by train. People have learnt to save their precious time too and therefore getting prone towards choosing the option to fly with the different airlines. The catchiest present situation is, Airline tickets have become very cheap too. You can buy directly from the respected airlines or go for the different travel booking sites which will not only help one to find the flight tickets in cheap rates, it will also provide all other information and booking options about hotels, car rentals etc. In one search on the net it will give you numerous options to visit the online travel industry.
 The online booking sites are always flooded with many attractive deals and budget tour package programs. And the best part of an online booking site is that it will give the detail of what the cheapest flight offers are going on. The scoring punch line of Air Arabia 'Pay Less, Fly More' does the just to explain about the online travel industry. This is what they provide. Once you are accustomed with this service you will become addicted to it. Sometimes people do have some different and negative notes on this too. But the famous and reputed online booking sites are always reliable and handy with their utmost comfortable services. Even airlines like Air Asia offers the cheapest deal to travel. Now we are more tend towards wrapping ourselves in the comfort zone and our advanced society speedily developing to give us the utmost felicities which we avail without wasting much time. We have learnt to value our time and the money too. The pleasure of vacation demands the conveniences, where time and money can be spent economically and this is what the tourism industry is providing us. Cheers to the online travel industry for making the world of tourism so easy.

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