June 24, 2013

Mochar Paturi (Steamed Banana Blossom wrapped in Banana Leaves)

To be honest I never knew about the existence of Mochar Paturi (Steamed Banana Blossom wrapped in Banana Leaves) unless and until one day somebody posted - "How to cook Mochar Paturi" in a famous FB group called Chef at Large. We Bengalis were called for, to help her with the recipe of Mocha Paturi. To my surprise there were many who were hearing it for the first time but there were many too who were well versed with the dish. I shared the basic Paturi recipe with it adding Mocha/Banana Blossom in it just on guess. And yes I found, those who shared the recipe were similar like what I thought. From that very day I was trying to target the dish and make it, but time proved to be too busy to me to enter in the kitchen to hit the dish. At last the day came when I successfully able to just the dish.
The web meaning of Paturi says:
"The Paturi is a Bhape (see above) that is cooked by means of wrapping the item to be steamed inside a banana leaf. Substituting other leaves or synthetic material (such as aluminum foil) for banana leaf does not do justice to the unique flavor required".  Source: HERE.
The basic  and most significant ingredients of the Paturi are the uses of the coconut and the mustard paste along with raw Mustard oil.  And of coarse the banana leaves that we use to wrap the Paturi. On top of it one can add Poppy Seeds, Chatu/Sattu etc. Ilish machher Paturi or Bhetki Machher Paturi are two most famous and traditional Paturi dishes of Bengali Cuisine.  In any celebrations and ceremonial parties the Paturies are common of all.
I was only aware of the Non-veg Paturis and prepared them many a times in my kitchen. This is for the first time I attempted for a Veg Paturi. The foodie part of my childhood is crystal clear to me and the fights I always had with my mom when she tried to feed me all healthy foods and veggies. Mocha/Banana Blossom for example was one of the most despite dishes I always avoided. My mom had to scratch her head to cook Mocha in different ways every time so that I could store the nutrition that Mocha provides. But every time I used to reject. And now I am cooking Mocha at my kitchen and liking it too…….
Those days are gone and my mom gets surprised when I tell her I cook this or that with Mocha or some other veggies which were once used to be my enemies. Now I am on the same shoe like my mother and trying new recipes every time so that  my daughter too eat the healthy foods. Days do pay back and who else than me can say better…:) After the success of Mocha Chingri, here I present another exotic dish form the Bengali Cuisine the Mocha Paturi.
Mocha/ Banana Blossom:  1 cup Finely chopped (See the notes)
Scraped Coconut: 1 cup
Mustard seeds : 4 tbspn
Poppy Seeds: 2 tbspn
Green Chilli: 1 or more
Salt and sugar according to taste.
Turmeric- 1/4 tspn + a pinch
Banana leaves cut in a  4"X4" square- 15- 20 pieces.
Mustard Oil- As per taste
  1. Soak the Mustard seeds and the poppy seeds for 10-15mnts. Then make a paste adding pinch of turmeric, salt and a green chili in to it. Reserve.
  2. Boil the chopped mocha/banana blossom with a pinch of salt and the remaining turmeric powder for 15-20 mnts. I pressured cook it and took off the gas after 4 whistles.
  3. Now strain the boiled mocha/banana blossom and mash it with you palm as much you can.
  4. Add all the other ingredients and mix them well.
  5. To make the banana leaves pliable and to avoid the cracks in between put each square both sides top on the flame for 3-4secs. You will notice a mild change in colour and you will understand it is ready.
  6. Take a scoop of the mixture, drizzle few drops of mustard oil on the top and wrap nicely and pin it with a toothpick. (Adding oil is optional you can add it later too.)
  7. Steam for 10-15 mnts either in steamer or put the Paturis in a tiffin box (metal) / container with a lid. Take a big vessel than that container, boil water and put the container in it. The water should       not rise more than the half of the small container. Cover the vessel and cook.
  8. Then serve hot with white rice and if you want you can add more mustard oil after the Paturis are done.
1. How to cut Mocha/Banana Blossom see HERE in the "Method" section.
2. Always use fresh Mocha/Banana Blossom for it.
3. If Banana Leaves are not available then you can use aluminium foil too.
4. If you want to make it with ready made mustard powder then add water very little and little bit of curd with it.


Chandrani Banerjee said...

Mochar paturi ami prothom dekhlam. Darun hoyechhe kamalika. Dekhei gorom bhater sathe khete ichha korchhe.

Nilu A said...

Sounds new to me.. Looks really good and delicious Kamalika :-)

Priya R said...

This is such a new recipe to me :) makes me hungry

Rekha Vengalil said...

Pictures look awesome and thats making me drool.. Lovely:-)

Megha Sarin said...

WOW! It looks amazing but complicated too :(

Great blog!


divya said...

looks stunning n yummy..

Sona - quick picks/pick quicks said...

wow !! this is soo new to me..sure it tastes great . lovely. and..feel free to drop by my space too when you get the time. Just jotted some handy tips on "sane motherhood" on my "Picks quicks" blog. Hope you will be a follower there. lets keep connected beyond the kitchen as well....

Priya Suresh said...

I dont mind inviting myself to ur place to enjoy this delicious food.Very new dish for me too.

Harini M said...

Wonderful clicks Kamalika,I just love your pics,not only this post but all,and I am sure this would have tasted yum :)

Chitz said...

Wow.. That's a new delicacy to me.. Looks awesome & beautiful... A healthy one :)

Hari Chandana P said...

Wonderful recipe and gorgeous pictures.. love it !!