March 31, 2013

Green Chilli Dry Chicken

Aw you Blog on Food!!!! Then you must know everything about Food… 
This has become a common attitude towards the Food Bloggers, came to my notice recently.  You all must be thinking why I have raised this topic. There is of course a reason behind it. Food bloggers I think you will agree with me, every day we receive many queries regarding food. Some queries tune pleasant some totally not -how to cook a dish, a recipe of a particular dish, to solve a food related problem etc. And if sometime we cannot satisfy a query then we are standing on the edge of criticism that a food blogger failed to answer.  Today let me clear something to my readers (read non bloggers). I will extend my discussion through a question answer session:

1. What is a Blog?
Precisely: A blog is "a Web site on which an individual or group of users record opinions, information, etc. on a regular basis.”It can be personal or professional.

2. Who can Blog?
Anyone can blog on any subject. Blogging is the paradigm of one's creative mind and creative outlook.

3. Why do we blog?
If one asks each blogger this question I think the most common answer will be -"I started suddenly to play with my thoughts and now it has become the passion." Most of the bloggers didn't start a blog in planned way. They wanted to get a "Me time" and blogging is the reflection of their 'Me time'. Their thoughts, their interaction with the world, their daily experiences, their originative ideas, everything reflects in the blogs what they feel is worth to share. And being a Food Blogger we are not the goddess of the culinary world. The main reason we blog because we love to cook and spend some time sharing this with the world in a little bit creative way. What we cook in our everyday life we share and present it in a decent way to the world. Don't think it's just a minute’s job to click a picture, write an introduction, the recipe and post it. It was never so easy and not yet now. Rather day by day it has become more challenging to rectify our flaws, enhance our knowledge and bring the utmost perfection to our creations.

When I started blogging, I never thought to be channelized to the world of food blogging. The blogging journey started narrating down my thoughts, sometimes what I cooked for my family etc. I was then all alone, crazily waiting for a follower, for a comment.  I was then a very poor photographer, not have a single idea of what food styling is actually called and food photography. Still now I am just a novice. But one thing to assure that I have improved a lot. And this journey was never so easy. We Food bloggers are very much dedicated to our works. And we strain out the time from our daily busy life in food styling and Food photography which is always not tad easy. The set up for food photography, collecting the props, arranging them, to find a proper light to click and again to clean up the place like something never happened before. Then we have to edit the snaps, write and post it. Initially we used to blog for our pleasure and fun. But now it has become a quintessential part of our life. We blog for our readers who keep on expecting what we come up with next. And at the same time we cherish our "Me time" here, inhale the pride of our own creative world.

4. What are the differences between a food blogger and non food blogger?
Now those who are not blogging aren't they a good cook. This notion is absolutely wrong. Our grandmother, mother they never blog on food. But most of our recipes passed to us through them only. What we learn from them reflect here. Even every day we are learning and sharing that through our blogs. We never declare that we are the perfect cook because we blog. Rather we blog to share what we learned. And we are learning this sometimes from our fellow bloggers and sometimes from the exotic cooks who shares their neighborhood with us. Even I have learnt so many recipes from my cook maid too. So let me clear as Chef Gusto (From the movie Ratatouille) has said:"Anyone can cook", yes any one can and at the same time anyone can blog too. The only thing is you have to spend few extra hours for you only and to become well versed to pen down on what you want to share with the world. I would like to encourage non food bloggers to blog and share your potentiality with the world.

5. Why are we so proud on our blogs?
Now do I need to explain this anymore? Yes, we are very much proud of our blog. Because apart from showing off our talents we mainly blog to relax our brain and mind. Criticism is always welcome; because if you readers never point us about our flaws we will never gain our knowledge and improve ourselves. But before criticising please review your points too. As I have told, don't expect us that we Food Bloggers are the Encyclopedia of the Foodie world. We share what we have learned and you can always generate our knowledge my your valuable comments. Writers and readers are the true friends and incomplete without each other. And we always value and respect our readers' comments and criticism. But at the same time criticism from the dullards are never acceptable.

Now let me move to the recipe Green Chilli Dry Chicken. This recipe is shared by my very good friends. I have twisted a bit and cooked it in my own way. Yesterday the man made this chicken again but he made his own way. He pasted all the Masala (Onion, garlic, ginger, onion, tomatoes, capsicum, seeded green chilli, turmeric powder, Cumin powder and coriander powder) together, mixed the paste with the chicken (with bone) and cooked it in a low flame till it dried up and cooked well. And it tasted awesome. Cooking is an art and based on one recipe you can customise it in so many ways. And this is a perfect example what we bloggers do generally. We customise a dish based on a recipe; cook it in our own way and blog on it. Many of you non-bloggers also do the same thing I think. We do just an extra job by blogging it.  So now moving to my recipe:

Chicken- 300gm (I used boneless, cut in cubes)
Capsicum- 1 large
Seeded Green Chilies- as much as you can (Depends on the chilli intake)
Ginger- 1 table spoon (Grated)
Garlic- 5-6 cloves
Onion- 1 large (sliced)
Mushroom- 7-8 Florets.
Lemon juice- 1 table spoon
Vinegar- 1 tspn
Salt & Sugar as per taste. 

  1. Grind the capsicum, green chillies, Garlic and ginger in a smooth paste. Then marinate the chicken with the chilli paste , vinegar , lemon juice and salt for an hour or so.
  2. Heat oil and add the sliced onion. When it turns semi brown add the chicken and keep on frying in low flame. When the chicken is half done add the mushroom. And the fry until the chicken is done on a high flame.
  3. Your Green Chilli Dry Chicken is ready. Serve hot with rice or roti. Even it will be great combo with noodles too.

  1. I have given it a little bit Chinese look by adding less chillies adding  no masalas and by adding mushrooms. Actually this can be cooked in the indianised form too by adding masalas like Turmeric, coriander, cumin powder and using onion paste as I mentioned above.
  2. To get the recipes on indianised Green Chilli Chicken click HERE and HERE.


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kamalika... what you wrote in the beginning is so very true... i also started blogging, not because i know of food, but because i want to learn, i want my time, and it's like a break at any time... that chicken looks absolutely delicious... love ur clicks! :)

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Yummy dry chicken ... nice click.

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this chicken looks delicious... lovely clicks too

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Delicious chicken
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It does have a Chinese twist; with the addition of soy sauce. I liked the simple flavours.

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Green dry version of chicken is totally yummilicious. Wish to have now...:) Thanks for viewing my space and leaving your lovely comment there. Keep in touch.....

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looks very tempting. Irresistible.

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I dont mind inviting myself to ur place to enjoy this delicious food.

Love ur replies,especially how we relax our brain and mind while blogging,totally agree with u.

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Lovely write up and very truly written. Love the addition of those mushrooms in the chicken.

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Love your blog! I'm happy to follow you, you can visit my blog when you find time :)

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Great infor and sharing on which I do ponder from time to time. Adore the recipe, that touch of Chinese food I need from time to time.

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You are right, blogging is fun but at same time time taking too. Love this green chicken recipe.

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Such gorgeous pics!
Lovely flavors going in there.


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drooling here... such lovely clicks..!! and u r right over ther!! nw we r expected to kno all abt food.. and whenever our recipe fails fr them (whatever reasons may be) it's always our fault :((

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