December 7, 2012

Grilled Chicken Stuffed Mushroom and Spinach 

Winter steps in and the oven becomes more active than ever. Not only for baking the cakes and cookies to welcome the month of joy and jingles, but also for the aromatic healthy baked foods that the hearts crave for. The freshly salubrious colourful vegetables in the market, never let you return empty handed. And this is the magnificent part of winter where you can manipulate your creative culinary skills by using these vast miscellanea of vegetables available during this season.

 This time I got big spinach leaves. First I thought of using that spinach layering in between some mixture and bake it. But then I decided to use them as a wrap. And I had some mushrooms stored in my fridge and felt gallant using those as a stuffed dish. No doubt those taste so delicious that the family members raised a request to make it soon.  So here is the recipe:Ingredients:
Minced Chicken: 300gm
Pasta Sauce: 2 table spoon
Oregano Seasoning: 1/4 tea spoon
Salt: According to taste
Button Mushroon- 5-6
 Spinach  (the big leaves ) -6-7
  1. Mixed all ingredients except the mushroom and spinach nicely.
  2. Take each spinach leaf and put a spoon full of stuffing in it and fold it nicely and tuck it up with a tooth pick.
  3. Take out the stem from the mushroom and put the stuffing in it.
  4. Place them on an oven proof tray and grill for 15 mnts.
  5. Serve it with a bowl of hot soup and bread.
This recipe is off to Indrani's Healthy Baking Event.

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