January 23, 2012

Hello Friends.....

Hi friends, Remember me…..May be not as it’s an enough span of  gap to forget a name or a person. But a hearty thanks in advance to those still remember me…First let me wish you all a Happy New Year,  though its late, not so late to wish . Last year was so hectic and busy for me that still the busy schedule of those days trembles me with a feel of exhaustion. I got shifted form USA. Then got fully heads into decorating my small dwelling place. Working with various kind of workers here, is the most tedious job I understood, as time is not so important for them. Syncing each of the worker with the other and fit them into my schedule was really the hardest job I have ever  faced. My hubby was then out of the country. All  responsibilities were on my head. My daughter's school, the interior work progression  and on  the other hand, the  preparation of my own sister's marriage in the same town, made me a machine to work like a maniac. But touch wood everything went nicely and I give some credit to myself as all alone I completed two big projects of my life yet - Decorating my home and arranging my sis's marriage.

So, Friends here I am back again. I can't assure about my regularity. But hopefully you are going to see me again in intervals.
 Wish all happy Blogging.