January 7, 2011

Salmon Florentine Phyllo Cups

Wish you all Happy and Healthy New Year. Little late, but not so late to cheer. How did you start your new year? Did you wait till the midnight bell melodically sings the new year song? I missed the auspicious moment of the shift. But welcome the brand new year with a blast and with new promises. Last year the most remarkable thing and a long lasted dream had been fulfilled, that was, I tried Ice Skating. And on the same time I also promised to never wear the Ice skates again in my life.
From my childhood skating was one of the dreams which I always wanted to try for. But that never materialized as both my mom and dad are too scared with the thought that if I skate I am going to break my bones. I loved seeing the Ice skating ballets in the television and used to spend many nights dreaming myself skating and dancing with some elegant moves.

The Ice Skating Ring at Sea World, San Diego, California....
Any way, after coming to USA I felt my dream a bit closer and my husband not so rigid in this affair. Moreover he is also quite interested in Ice skating. Last year when the winter knocked the door and the artificial Ice Skating rings built up in various places, we decided to try our potentiality in this field. Last year the day before Christmas we went to Sea world (famous theme park for the sea creatures and shows) and the first thing we did, bought the tickets to Ice Skate.
My daughter and me in the ring....
Whenever I have seen people on the ring so fleetly skating, the moves gave me the feeling of a free bird flying in the sky. The gestures of the moves always made me to feel the taste of freedom. A freedom, free form every thing just tasting the beauty of life and the rhythm of romance. This kind of sublime feeling I always wanted to feel and taste.

Before starting this new action I am too confident and determined that when I am on floor I am going to win the podium. I will just turn in to a swan princess and will make everybody stuck dumb with the graceful dancing poses. But all the confidence and determination just went in vain within a second when I wore the Skate shoes and put the first step in the Ice skating ring. I stayed in the ring for less than an hour and was not able to leave my hands from the side bars. I never thought in my dreams that the floor could be so slippery. I never thought in my dream that I would not be able to step a single move without holding any thing. On the other hand my husband and my daughter they tried few steps without any support. But the over confident Me, skated many steps, only holding firmly the side railings. A weird scare was injected in my body, in my blood and all my limbs had a eldritch sensation which kept on giving me goose bumps and made me weak in every move. After coming out from the ring I felt like I got a new life again. I felt so relieved like I had survived from a great danger. I promised that not in my remaining days I am going to try this action again. But I will surely train my daughter in Ice Skating and will see me through her rocking the floor with majesty.

In this new year I made a new dish which I have never made before and would liked to share with everybody.

(Recipe adapted from www.athensfoods.com)

Salmon Fillet- 1/2 lb
Spinach chopped- 1 cup
Tomato chopped- 1 medium sized
Tomato - 12 sliced in thin pieces
Garlic chopped- 1 tea spoon
Ginger paste- 1 tea spoon
Onion chopped- 1/2 cup
Vinegar- 1 tea spoon
Plum Sauce- 1 table spoon
Salt , Sugar and Black Pepper- As per taste
Oil- 1 table spoon
Shredded cheese- 3/4 cup
Phyllo sheet- 1 packet

1. Boil the Salmon Fillet with little bit of salt and the vinegar. Drain the fillet and reserve.
2. In a skillet heat the oil and then add the chopped garlic. Sauté it till brown then add the onion. Let the onion fry till it turns brown add the tomato and the garlic paste. When the tomato will become soft add the spinach. Cook it until it gets tender.
3. Mash the salmon fillet with a fork and add it to the spinach mixture. Add salt, sugar pepper and plum sauce and cook till it gets a dry texture. Cool it and then chill.

4. Take the Phyllo sheet. There are two rolls in the packet. Unroll the sheet. I cut each unrolled sheet in six squares. You will get total 12 squares.
5. Pre heat the oven in 350 degree F.
6. Take a muffin pan. Grease it and gently put each phyllo square inside the cups with a light press. Now put the Salmon filling in each cup with an approx measurement of 1 table spoon. On top of each cup put a sliced Tomato.
7. Bake for 25mnts. Then take the trey out and put the cheese on the top of each cup and again bake for 10-15mnts more till the phyllo cups turn brown.
8. Serve hot with sauce and salad.


1. I have done a mistake. I put the cheese right in the beginning, I started baking the cups. For that reason the cheese became over cooked and didn't get the melted creamy taste. Please make sure to put the cheese before 10 mnts of the total given  baking time.
2.You can serve it as snacks or starter and you can also devour it as the main meal.
3.Please read the instructions well on the packet of the Phyllo sheets before using it.


Soma said...

Happy New Year!!

You dared to go ice skating. Ami har bhangar bhoye ice e jai na :-) DD1 and hubby goes ice skating for hours. now the little one is starting too.

Beautiful photographs.

GB said...

K. At least you went on the floor--I didn't even bother to try while my kid used to go for his ice skating lessons!

The phyllo cups look awesome!

Swathi said...

Happy new year to you and family. Ice skating is nice but i am afraid of it. Your princess is cutie.

sinfullyspicy said...

Happy New Year dear.Wish you good health n fortune:) I love the neat way you have done these phyllo cups with salmon..great great idea...
And ice skating..I dared once..n slipped..he he

Sayantani said...

I always wanted to do roller skating baba kineo diechilo kintu aka aka shikhe uthte parini. akhon dekhi ekhane amader paratei rastay akjon sekhay khub ichhe kare kintu porle nijer ozonei amar har bhangbe....
chhobigulo khub sundor ar recipe ta khub bhalo. ami je kato phyllo pastry recipe likhe rekhechi. kintu oi pastry sheet o barite banate habe bole lyad khai. akdin tabe banabaoi banabo.
camera kinechi Nikon D5000. tabe shikhte habe nake.


Your photo is just awesome and love this yummy phyllo cups...


Hamaree Rasoi said...

I really enjoy the thrill ice skating provides but needs courage. Your daughter is a brave girl must say:-)
And fab post also...

Hamaree Rasoi

Angie's Recipes said...

These look flaky and delicious!

Jay said...

Sounds n looks wonderful...HAPPY NEW YEAR DEAR...HAVE FUN N ENJOY..:)
Tasty appetite

Sulagna said...

Very nice recipe and lovely photos..Happy New Year to you and your family !!

Sushma Mallya said...

It looks so perfect, and happy new year once again kamalika...

Pushpa said...

Hope you had lots of fun in Sea World along with ice skating,Happy New Year to you,phyllo cups with salmon looks very yummy..

Priya said...

Phyllo cups looks soo delicious and pretty, ur princess looks soo cute..

aipi said...

That is so beautifully presented dear..
Loved the pics of your kiddo, she is a doll :)

US Masala

Indrani said...

Amar o tomar matoi abastha..I also love ice skating, but never had courage to go the ring and skate..hope new years brings for your family lots of happiness and prosperity...phyllo cups durdanto lagche dekhte..khete to darun habei..click gulo beautifull, Kamalika

Gulmohar said...

Such a pretty snack for this weather..How have you been? It's been a while,rt? BTW happy 2011 :-)

Sulagna said...

India phire jachho for good ? Kothae phircho ? Eto kaaj aar byastota-r moddheo je time kore blog post korcho,setai boro..Tomra sokole bhalo theko..Happy journey and all the best for a new beginning...Keep in touch..And keep posting..

Ana Powell said...

Happy New Year to the whole family.
I have been extremely busy over Christmas time, I had my family over.
Lovely clicks.
I am definitely trying your Salmon Florentines and I will follow your advise.
Have a great week.

Uma said...

Happy New Year to you and your Family!
great start for new year.. ice skating and a new dish..
ur daughter is so cute :)

Silence Sings said...

Thanks to all of u....

Fathima said...

Yummy 'n healthy Phyllo cups! Pictures look great!