February 17, 2010

Stuffed Pasta Shell Salad


Jumbo Pasta Shells- 12 shells
Chicken Breast-3 chunks
Boiled egg- 2
Salad Leaves- 2 cups
Baby Carrots- 1cup
Green Beans- 8-9 sticks
Grape Tomatoes- for decoration (4-5)
Tomato – 1 medium size
Cucumber- 1 medium size
Broccoli—4-5 medium sized florets
Shredded cabbage- for decoration
Italian Salad Dressing- 2 tea spoons
Mayonnaise- 1 table spoon
Italian seasonings- according to taste
Salt- according to taste
Black pepper- according to taste


Step I: - Boiling-
1. Boil the pasta shells till they get tender and soft. Keep on checking not to overcook.
2. Boil the chicken breasts, till they become fully soft, adding salt to taste.
3. Take the chicken out of the stock and keep aside. Boil the baby carrots, green beans and broccoli in the leftover chicken stock.
4. Cut the boiled egg in to two halves and scoop out the yolk.

Step II: - Mixing-

A. The stuff for the Pasta-
1. Take a mixing bowl and add the chicken breast and the egg yolk and mash and mix nicely.
2. Cut the skinned cucumber and the tomato in to small cubes and pour in to the mixing bowl.
3. Add Mayonnaise, Black pepper and the Italian seasoning to the mixing bowl and mix all the ingredients very nicely.
B. Salad Bed-
1. Cut the salad leaves in to cubes. Toss into the Italian dressing and keep aside.

Step III- Presenting and Garnishing:-
1. Stuff each jumbo pasta shell with the chicken mixer very carefully.

2. Take a serving dish. (I prepared this dish to honour Valentine’s Day. I wanted to present the dish in a heart shaped serving plate. But a matter of regret I didn’t have any. So I used the silver foil. Made a heart shape out of that and placed it in a serving tray.) Make a bed, spreading the salad leaves on the foil.

3. Now it is up to you how creatively you can decorate the salad. I lined up the heart shape with the stuffed pasta shell and tried to fill up the empty space with the concept of bird’s nest, using the grape tomatoes, halves of the egg whites and the boiled vegetables.

Thus your salad is ready. You can also have it with the coleslow salad. It’s very filling and healthy. Nowadays whenever I cook anything, I always keep in mind, whether my 2 and 9mnths old daughter will have it or not. And this time she didn’t dishearten me. Along with my hubby she liked it too. It’s very easy and takes very little time to prepare. It is also a good choice for the Lunch boxes.

Note: If you don’t get the jumbo pasta shell, you can use the normal easily available pasta shells. Only try to buy the shells to the bigger size.

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