February 24, 2010

Stuffed Mini Boule

Stuffed Mini Boule or in simple terms Stuffed Bread is one of the hot pot items in my Food Menu. Just a couple of days back I prepared the dish after a long gap. My husband relishes and enjoys the dish to its full pit always. This is the first time, I served it to my daughter and to my wonder she finishes her plate just in no time. Now a day I mainly cook the dishes placing myself to my daughter’s place, what she will like and what will be healthy for her and of course it should take the shortest time to prepare.This dish takes very little time to prepare. The time what it takes is the baking time. It is a very full meal which can be served as a breakfast, a lunch or as a dinner too. The crispy and crunchy taste of the bread blend marvellously with the soft and spongy bite of the stuffing. I usually prepare the dish with French bread. But this time I got the Mini Boule instead. The French word boule means ball or round, so “boule” may be used to describe a variety of breads that all have the boule shape in common. A typical French boule is a hearty, country bread with a chewy crust, an open crumb, and a moderately soft interior and is baked in many different sizes. It is most often prepared with white bread flour made into a similar type of dough used for a French Baguette (narrow French stick loaf); however a variety of flours and other ingredients can be used.


Pls note: All ingredients used are according to my own taste change the measure as per your taste.

• Whole Bread- 1 (not the slice one. Pls get the bread which looks dense in width.)
• Egg- 2
• Boiled potato- 1 medium size
• Boiled carrot- 1 small or ½ of the medium size
• Chopped colour bell pepper- ½ Cup
• Chopped tomato- ½ cup
• Grated Ginger- 1 tea spoon
• Grated cheese- ½ cup
• Melted butter- ¼ cup
• Italian seasoning- according to taste (Tip: I usually store the seasoning mixes delivered from the Pizza hubs. In need they help to season my preparation perfectly)
• Salt, Sugar, Black pepper- As per taste


• First slice the head of the bread in round shape. Scoop out the bread from inside, so that should look like a bowl. Keep the extra bread in a separate container.
• Preheat your oven to 375 F.
• Now take the extra scooped bread. Crumble the bread with your hand. The feel of the texture will be like bread crumbs. Mix all the other ingredients gently except the cheese and eggs.
• Beat the eggs and fold it to the mixture. Pour the whole ingredient into the Bread bowl and cover the lid with the head of the bread slice.
• Grease the whole bread with butter.
• Grease a baking tray, place the bread and set it for baking for 40-45mnts.
• After 10mnts open the oven, remove the top of the bread and bake both separately just placing the bread slice side of the bread bowl. After 15mnts turn the bread slice to the other side.
• When the time is up check the bread stuff with a toothpick or a knife pricked in the centre comes out clean. If it’s done switch off the oven, bring out the tray and sprinkle the cheese on the top of the bread bowl and close the top once again with the bread lid. Put again to the oven and keep inside till the cheese melts down.
• Bring it out of the oven. Cut into thick chunks and serve with salad, boiled vegetables.


• The baking time I have given is as per my estimate. Your time may take more or less. Just keep on checking the colour of the bread and the Stuffing. If you see that the bread is getting over toasted then just decrease the temperature of the oven and bake it till the stuffing is done.
• The stuffing will flap up a little. Therefore don’t worry.


• You can add boiled chicken in the stuffing.
• Other breads are always welcome. Only they should be not sliced and thin.
• If you want to make it a vegetarian dish. Use corn flour instead of Egg. But be careful about the amount of the corn flour. Use only as much needed for a binding.

Culinary is just an Art of creation. Many a time, we just get a hunch of a recipe and make it in our own kitchen in our own way and as per our taste. But most of the time we create rather than recreate something.

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A Homemakers Diary said...

kal toke akta comment likhechilam post holo kina bujhte parlam na. prothome eta tui bujhte parini karon toke anekdin online dekhini. khub bhalo recipe ar sundor chobi.

Silence Sings said...

Hehe...no prob...amio onekdin por abar ei world e dhuklam...thanks for the comment...tor aar kono comment ami paini....

Sanjukta paul said...

darun recipe,try korbo.

Silence Sings said...

Thanks Sanjukta....

Srivalli said...

Thank you for the lovely entry!

s said...

vibrant beautiful pics....nice novel ( to me) recipe...

Anukampa said...

Hi Kamalika,

This is just amazing and I ate something similar at a restaurant in Gurgaon and in US they serve it with a soup...This is truly amazing..I will surely try it in few days and then contribute it to you. Not sure where can I get this thick bread in India.. Probably in a big bakeries.