February 22, 2010

The New Leaf

It is not dripping, that means it has become frozen. The tree is standing with its arms widely open towards the sky, without a single leaf. Right now the treasure it has, except the dried bushes, is the frozen rain drops, which are hanging from its hands like glass marbles.
If i was a poet, I should soon rush to grab a pen and a paper and start to write a poem on the lonely tree, something like this-

Oh, my dear lonesome tree,
You are standing throughout the eternity,
Stretching your hands widely open,
To embrace the-
Passing wind, or the rain, or the sunshine,
Or something special hidden from the common eye.

Your naked body so visibly clear,
It forces a mind to wish from the core of a heart,
A wish to see at least a single leaf,
To know that you are alive.

Now you have treasured the frozen raindrops
Hanging from your arms just like the pearls,
Jewelled your bared body with an exotic look.
Your barren body has become animated,
With the frozen drops of rain.

I am not a poet. Only I have just tried to step in to a poet’s shoe for a moment. Phone is ringing. Again back to the reality and stop the machine of the poetic mind.

“I am fine.”
“No! Not yet start cooking.”
“Let me see what I shall prepare. Let it be a surprise.”
“When are you coming for lunch?”
“Ok. Lunch will be ready by the time. Take care and have a nice day”
“I love you too.”

While thinking about the surprising dish for lunch, i came in front of the broad glass pane of my hall connected to the patio. Just at the end of the patio I have the tree. And just behind the tree there is a big pond .At the end of the opposite bank few trees are there, but the exception of the tree just behind my patio is, it doesn’t have a single leaf where the others have. I have just entered in this rented apartment a couple of months ago, as well as to this foreign land, far away from my native land, just opposite to the other end of the world. From that time i feel a different kind of attraction towards the tree. What kind of attraction is this, I don’t know. May be the weird leafless look of it or a soft emotion because of its dryness...I don’t know what it is...but there is something..

Quack, quack....the ducks. Sorry I didn’t introduce my special neighbours. These are some big sized ducks or rather geese. They are of which genre I don’t know. They never misuse the time to enjoy in my neighbouring pond. Sometimes I feel envious, seeing them splashing in the water. And my hidden wish sometimes comes out with the tears to enjoy the freedom like them, to fly like them with freedom. A Freedom, which is –“the condition of being free; the power to act or speak or think without externally imposed restraints exemption: immunity from an obligation or duty.” Some times I feel I cherish the word freedom. Feel excited with the thought to seek for freedom. When I see the dark world, where i always crave for a light, a light for freedom. I cry for independence. I dream for a pair of wings. I want to open the locked door of the blind mind. Again and again I fail. I fail to have the taste of freedom, I fail to see the light of freedom, I fail to have the pair of wings of freedom fail to open the locked door. The main freedom is the freedom of mind. Freedom is the right, or the capacity, of self-determination, as an expression of the individual will. That is freedom what we actually need.

Whoops! My lunch. Do you have the freedom to think till eternity? We are all bound with some obligations, some threads of love, some dreams of relationship, et al...

Knock, knock- he has come in time. My Lunch is ready. My heart for a moment swelled with full of love and passion. I pour all my love to the lunch to see his delightful smile after tasting the food, the convivial reaction especially for me. This is the freedom of love and the essence of love when you do something special, especially for someone very special.

I got married less than a year ago. Only two days are left to reach my anniversary. It seems to me that within a fraction of moment the whole year passed. Sometimes I stood in front of the mirror to compare the present I with the past one. I was so much obsessive with the thought of getting married. The main cause of that was a claustrophobic fear of losing freedom. At that time also I just used to strike on the basis of freedom. Freedom, freedom...... freedom to do anything of one’s choice.

Now after getting married when I sometimes look behind and see everybody so happy, including myself, I feel a relief from the core of my heart. He has shown me the path of love. He holds my hands and took to the land of love far from the crisis of freedom. He painted some exotic colourful dreams in my eyes which now only see the light. Love has changed my life; my life has changed the definition of love.

The frozen raindrops are now disappeared in the ground .The tree is now again standing with the bare body all alone. It has lot of trees around it, with full of life. But its dryness has made it totally different from the other and an alien in the scenic beauty. The severe winter has taken all its leaves and now it has to wait for spring to again show the proof of his aliveness. It doesn’t have the freedom to bear the leaves till it mates with the spring season to bear a single leaf. It has to wait, fighting in the severe cold for its love, the king of the season- the spring. Waiting and waiting without the freedom to move the spell of time of one’s choice. I am also waiting for the spring to see the tree again full of leaves. I am also waiting for the spring to bear a new leaf. I am waiting for my spring without having the freedom to have the new leaf of my wishing time. My spring is taking a long way to reach me just like the tree. Now we are both, together, waiting for the spring, to see a new leaf, a new life in the barren body.

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Indrani said...

wow..wonderful write-up..loved it so much...tumi aro likho, stop koro na...tumi really a wonderful poet & writer..not everyone is blessed like u

Silence Sings said...

Thanks a lot for such an inspiring comment....am really feeling very proud after reading this comment.....