February 16, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Dear all, hope you enjoyed the Valentine’s Day to its full pit solely in your way. When I was surfing through the nice and talented blogs, I found so many posts on Valentine’s Day, how marvellously they celebrated. Even after reading them I too celebrated the day a thousand times better with them. Now I was not able to control myself to share with you all, my Valentine’s Day Celebration.

My marriage was an arranged marriage. And I was not lucky to taste love before that. So love came to me like a shower of blooms just after I got married. Though Valentine’s Day is mainly celebrated between the couples, love birds, I used to celebrate it with my near dear ones. My mom, dad, sister, my dear friends all were the part of this celebration before my marriage. At that time I used to make some kind of crafts by my own hand and gift it to them. I always believe that a best gift is a gift which comes direct from the heart and is made by the own hands of the presenter. Whether it is a single line written in a piece of paper or a simple thing presented in a simple way. The gift should speak the language of celebrations itself and also the love and care for the person you are bestowing.
After marriage my celebration world has become narrowed down to my husband and then to my daughter. The gift exchange world has become walled in between three of us. This Year my husband has gifted a special Valentine’s Day to spend a whole day in the San Diego Zoo. My daughter gave us a tight hug with a bright kiss and wished us Happy Valentine’s Day in her sweet melodious tune. And I gave them few special dishes blended with the aroma of love.

I will be posting soon how we spend our day in San Diego Zoo and the recipes I specially made in honour of the Valentine’s Day. What I cooked for the very day, are listed below-

3. Love Delight-2(Sweet Dish)

Hope you will enjoy what we enjoyed on the Valentine's Day.

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