February 1, 2010

Egg Delight

If anybody asks me what the recent nightmare you are suffering from?? I think I would definitely answer- What and how to feed my child.
When a baby starts eating the solid foods, it becomes a real pleasure and the introduction of variety of foods becomes a real challenge and excitement for the mom. But the preparation of a baby is though easy, and difficult at a time, as the mom always has to keep few important things mind, like-

1. The food should be healthy,
2. Your baby should not be allergic with the food.
3. The food should fulfil the calorie requirement of your child.
4. Your child should enjoy the food while having it.

But this excitement changes to a nightmare soon when your child becomes choosy in selection her/his own food and rejects them randomly.

It is same for my 2 and 9months old too. I studied her a lot and then came to this conclusion-
when I serve a food for her, she first sees the colour, then how it is presented and then whether we are also having it or not. The next step is whether it is tasty in her mouth or not. One funny part is here- a dish may be not so tasty to her, but if we eat that in front of her and cheers like- “oh, what a food...it’s really very good.” She uses to have it.

Egg is very nutritious for a child. Mainly the boiled egg. But my daughter always refuses egg. So few days ago after waking up from her noon time siesta, my daughter felt very hungry. That day is my monthly food shopping day and my pantry is just running out of groceries. I planned that in the evening she woul have milk and cornflakes. But suddenly my eyes stuck upon a single remaining egg and a cheese cube. I crossed my fingers and tried this recipe as her evening dish. And to my wonder she loved and enjoyed it very much. The recipe as follows:-


Egg- 1
Shredded cheese- 1 table spoon.
Slat- A pinch
Black pepper- A pinch
You can also add some boiled veggies with it. (Optional).
You can add butter too to add few more calories.


Whisk the egg adding all the ingredients with it. Pour th mix in to a microwave proof bowl. Microwave it in normal temperature for 3 to 4 minutes. Then serve hot in a serving plate , peeling out the baked egg carefully with a knife, decorating it after your mind.

Few Ideas:-
1. You can microwave the dish in to some designer container. So that after peeling, it will look more attractive.
2. You can use cookie cutters too to give the dish new shapes and design. And don’t forget to tell your child to help it. S/He will love to help you and the interest of having food will also definitely increase at a time.

The best parts of this recipe are-
1. It takes the shortest time and energy.
2. The dish is very healthy and full of Calories.
3. And if your child loves it then it becomes the hot pot recipe in your cook book.

This recipe is off to the event  KID'S DELIGHT at Spice your Life.


Priya said...

Hi SS..thanks for ur lovely comments on my blog, regarding ur q'n about logo, logo is the picture we have designed specially for the event, u see my hearts for valentine's event, u can see two hearts in a picture with the event days in it, thats the logo, some events goes for posting the logo with the entry for the event as optional, but the event am hosting now wants absolutely the logo to be posted at the end of the entry u wish to send to me, hope this helps..

Btw this egg delight looks fantastic, delicious and yummy..

Silence Sings said...

Thanks Priya for your prompt relpy....and ofcourse for the nice comment....

Sharmilee! :) said...

Egg delight looks yum with cheese.Thanks for dropping by...U too hav a nice collection of recipes. As u've asked for my suggestions....
In my opinion:
1.Your pics look gud but to make it more appealing put it in bigger size.
2.You can change the template background to white so that it is clear - This I m saying as I too started off with a black one and changed it after 2-3 months of blogging and found a difference in reach.
U have many sites for templates but I personally refer u to : http://btemplates.com/

Hope u dont mind on my suggestions :) Happy blogging!!!

Silence Sings said...

Thanks a lot for stppoing by my blogg and of course sharing your valuable comment and suggestions..I will definetly look on your suggestions...

Srivalli said...

Thank you for the lovely entry!