November 27, 2006

From My Album

Let me share few of my favourite photographs clicked during the visit at the San Diego Zoo. I have  a plan to write about the experience of the Day. But I am not getting enough time and space to sit all alone with the memory and jot it down . Therefore decieded to share few snaps first and the brief later. So here are few of them to watch directly from my album to your desk.

February 23, 2006

Unanswered Questions

The incident is so clear, though I experienced it 14 years back. Then I was mere a child, started to gather the beauty of the world in my pair of little hands. I had started to experience the inexperienced world.
I was travelling with my Father .It was a busy and crowded railway station of India. I was enjoying the crowd running for their destination with a bag full of surprise. Pushing and struggling to get in to the train. There is a different kind of noise, smell, a different kind of music with a different kind of rhythm. My father was holding my hand tightly, so as I, with a fear to lose in this strange crowded sphere.
We were waiting for our destined train. Suddenly my eyes stuck upon a person and I was not able to move my eyes from him. He was lying on a corner of the platform, lying on a rag, having a bowl in front him with some scattered coins in it. He is neither having one of his hands nor his legs. He didn't have any cloth in his body except a brief to avoid the shame of a naked person.
I was so surprised to see the person. At the same time I was attacked with a bunch of question. If the person did not have his hands how could he eat? How could he walk without his legs? .. so on and so forth. I was just going to ask my father to make my little brain weightless felt a pull on my hand and hypnotically I boarded the train. I asked my queries to my father. I was quite not sure whether i got the answers of my question or not but for the time being it satisfied me.
As the years kept on passing adding a year in my life with some maturity, knowledge, reasons et al. I started to come to a conclusion and the person started to become the most inspirational person of my life. Whenever i failed and passed a heart-rending passage in my life, the person comes in my thought with a light-"If he can live why don't I?"
But still there is a question without an answer-"Why the man is living? Because he can not die or he doesn't want to die? Does he want to live................?"

Published in the NDTV Writer's Room.